Notice to owners and users of Panasonic's Cameras using AA Battery


MODEL DMC-LS70, DMC-LS80, etc...


Panasonic cameras using AA battery (ex. DMC-LS70, DMC-LS80…), are sold with a pair of Panasonic AA batteries (Oxyride battery).


This kind of battery is for 1 time use only and un-rechargeable.


Unfortunately, there is not any Oxyride battery sold in Vietnam market so far.


Therefore, users have to buy other kind of batteries such as: Alkaline (un-rechargeable), Ni-MH, Ni-Cd (rechargeable).


In order to use above batteries in right way and with high effect, users have to do a simple setting for changing type of battery from Oxyride to Alkaline (Ni-MH) in setup menu.


Otherwise, camera will only work for a few minutes or unable to switch on.


Panasonic recommends users to use batteries as being above mentioned with greater 1500mAh capacity.


Do not use batteries that made from Zinc-Silver, Carbon-Zinc.


Please kindly contact our Customer Care Team at :

Phone Hotline (Toll Free) : 18001593 (Mon - Fri 8:00am - 5:30pm)

Fax : +84 4 3 7 950 100

Email :