Photo of NN-ST671S
Capacity 32L
Power Supply Inverter
Power Microwave 1100W
Color Door/Base SUS
Body (Cabinet) Silver
Oven Interior Material (Color) Paint (Grey)
Door Door Design Side Open
Handle (Door Open) None ( Push Open )
Screen Black
Control Panel Panel Design Membrane
Emboss No
Type 10-1 Key
Language English
Display Type New 4 Digit+ Icon
Color Green
Back Light Yes
Word Prompting No
Sensor Yes
Power Level etc. MW Power Level 10 ( P1-P10 )
Cook time 99min 59sec
Kitchen Timer Yes ( 99min 99sec )
Standing Time Yes ( 99min 99sec )
Delay Start Yes ( 99min 99sec )
Clock 12H
Child Lock Yes
Stage Cooking 3 Stage
Menu Turbo Defrost Yes (0.1-3.0kg)
Serving/Weight No
More/Less Yes
Recipe Store No
Auto Reheat Sensor Reheat
Number of Auto Cook 14
Auto Cook 1. Vegetables
2. Frozen Veg.
3. Potatoes
4. Legumes
5. Fresh Pasta
6. Dried Pasta
7. Noodles
8. Rice
9. Risotto
10. Fish
11. Curries
12. Chicken Pcs.
13. Fruit
14. Desserts
Power Source 230-240V / 50Hz
Power Consumption Microwave 1000W
Cooking Power Microwave 1100W
Dimensions Outside HxWxD (mm) 310×525×388 mm
Oven HxWxD (mm) 251×355×365 mm
Weight 11.5kg