The Premium 4K TV That Likes to Share

As well as reinforcing its 4K resolution with a wide colour range and bright panel, this TV's easy-to-use streaming server makes it great at sharing content with other screens like smartphones or tablets.



4K Ultra HD

Delivers Four Times the Picture Resolution of a Normal HD TV

With their 3840 x 2160 resolutions, 4K Ultra HD TVs make pictures look so detailed and pristine that you feel like you’re looking at the real world through a window rather than watching TV. Especially when features like high brightness/high colour space panels and the powerful Quad Core Pro Engine are on hand to tease out every last tiny detail 4K has to offer.

Studio Master Colour

An Advanced LED Backlight Design Which Produces a Wider Colour Range

By using special Wide Colour Phosphor Technology capable of producing a wider colour range, It covers more than 90% of DCI standards. Studio Master Colour TVs give you a more subtle, naturally toned colour palette which, unlike most LCD TVs, still looks authentic in any scene.

* The 65-inch model covers 98% of the DCI Colour Space.

Brilliant IPS Contrast

Crisp, Clear Images and Smooth Gradation with a Wide Viewing Angle

High-contrast panels are designed to produce both deep blacks and bright whites, which helps pictures look more dynamic, colourful, crisp and detailed. Excellent viewing angle characteristics provide beautiful images even when viewed from an angle.

my Home Screen 2.0
powered by Firefox OS

Quick, Intuitive Access to Just the Content You Want

Thanks to Firefox, "my Home Screen" will be renewed, as a single gateway to all the broadcasting channels, apps and connected devices. A new Firefox OS-based home screen makes it easy to access the content you want with intuitive operation.

Local Dimming

Enhanced Blacks for a More Natural Picture

The new generation of high brightness LCD panels are great for boosting colours and vibrancy. But they can only truly improve contrast if you can control their brightness in dark picture areas. Local dimming makes this possible by letting separate clusters of a TV's backlights output different brightness levels, so brightness can be reduced for dark areas without compromising the intensity of bright areas.

Wide Viewing Angle by IPS Panel

Stunning Images from Almost Every Viewing Angle

By combining the IPS Panel, with its excellent viewing angle characteristics, beautiful images are reproduced with excellent brightness, colour, and contrast even when viewed from an angle.


4K Ultra HD TV
Studio Master Colour
Brilliant IPS Contrast


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