DVD Home Theater SC-XH105



Dynamic Bass Sound

This DVD Home Theater brings awesome power to movies and music with bass sound from a big, 16-cm woofer.




1080p Up-Conversion

Create smooth high-resolution images
1080p Up-Conversion raises image quality by correcting, in pixel units, the brightness signals of images in recorded content, DVD movies, and other media.

Selectable Speaker Layout

5.1ch Surround Layout / 5.1ch Front Layout
Even with space limitation, 5.1ch surround sound can be enjoyed with selectable speaker layout.

Wall-Mountable Speaker

Keep the Room Neat
Wall mounting enables a stylish layout even in rooms with space limitations.

USB Playback

Enjoy various content
A home theater system is a great way to enjoy the music (MP3), video (Xvid / FLV* / MOV*) and photo (JPEG) content in your USB device.
*Supported up to 2.1-channel.

External HDD Playback through USB

Easily enjoy stored content
Home Theaters are compatible with NTFS / FAT32 format external hard disk drives, so you can enjoy music (MP3), photos (JPEG), and video content (Xvid) archived on an external HDD.
* The external HDD with capacities of 2TB or less in processing NTFS / FAT32 data is supported. Playback is not possible with some external hard disk drives. Some types of HDD may require the use of its external power supply unit.


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Dynamic Bass Sound
Powerful Bass-reflex Subwoofer
Easily Enjoy Stored Content
External HDD Playback (NTFS / FAT32)
5.1ch Selectable Speaker Layout
5.1ch Front Layout


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Manual Downloads
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