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Mini System SC-AKX200

Price (RRP)$ 329.00


Powerful and Clear Sound

D.Bass Beat provides powerful party sounds, and DJ Jukebox lets you request songs using MAX Juke App. Bluetooth® compatibility also gives you more music with powerful, clear sound for more exciting home parties.


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Produces a Powerful Sound

16cm Large Woofer

The 16cm Large Woofer with Hard Press Corrugation produces powerful bass for dance and other kinds of music. Corrugation has also been added to suppress distortion for even greater clarity.

Enjoy Your Music with the Best Sound

Local Preset Equaliser

With the wide versatility of the Local Preset Equaliser, you can maximise your enjoyment of different music genres, such as rock, pop and more.

Get the Party Started with a Smartphone

Get the Party Started with a Smartphone

Panasonic MAX Juke App

The Panasonic MAX Juke App lets you handle basic operations. You can also request songs in one shared playlist with several friends.

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Enjoy Your Music Collection

Enjoy Your Music Collection

DJ Jukebox

The DJ Jukebox plays songs from a USB device with Mix Play mode. Also, you can operate playlists and play requests through the Panasonic MAX Juke App.


Mini System SC-AKX200
Powerful and Clear Sound
Large 16 cm Woofer
MAX Jukebox
Request Songs using MAX Juke App
Double USB (Play & Play)



Mini System SC-AKX200

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Owner’s Manuals
SC-AKX200 Operating Instructions
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