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 ecology conscious design
Extended warranty for your Panasonic Projector

Panasonic supports environmentally responsible manufacturing and disposal of electronic equipment and works consciously to minimize the impact our products have on our overburdened ecosystem. Through careful consideration of the way our projectors are designed, produced and delivered, we strive for the most efficient use of resources and incorporate environmentally-friendly and recyclable material whenever possible in the manufacturing and packaging process. Based on our industrial ecology policy, we have taken the following steps with our projectors:

  • Use of lead-free solder to mount components on the printed circuit boards.

  • No use of halogenated flame retardants in any part of the cabinet.

  • No polystyrene foam used in the boxes or packing materials.

  • Non-hazardous lead-free glass used for the lens.

  • Non-coated cabinet for easy recycling.

  • The packing case and operating manual both made from recycled paper.

  • Rohz regulation compliant. Rohz prohibits the use of 6 substances:
    • lead
    • mercury*
    • cadmium
    • hexavalent chromium
    • polybrominated biphenyls
    • polybrominated diphenyl ether

At Panasonic, we aim to make all new products Green products. We assess our products based on three main environmental burdens associated with consumer electronics: (i) conserving energy & preventing global warming, (ii) seeking effective utilization of resources (including resource recyclability) and (iii) minimizing pollution risks involved in the use of chemicals.

In addition, with dwindling natural resources and rising energy costs, Panasonic also strives to enhance and extend our projector performance throughout the product life cycle through added efficiencies such as:
  • Lamp power switching to reduce and regulate power consumption.

  • Standby power mode that reduces energy consumption to just 0.08 watts.

  • Auto Power Save function that activates standby mode when no signal is input.

To learn more about Panasonic's environmental initiatives, visit

* An authorized exception is mercury use in projector lamps.

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