A Better Life, A Better World

This video introduces how, all across the world, Panasonic is striving towards the goal of realizing A Better Life, A Better World.

Image:Naomi Osaka

Tennis is what I do. Not who I am.

Tennis is a passion. An outlet for my drive and energy. A platform to showcase my athletic ability.
I am blessed to experience the lifestyle the game allows. But tennis does not define who I am as a person.
I am equally as passionate about being a catalyst for positive change in the world.
I cannot ignore others who are less fortunate, nor remain silent, as some might prefer, in the face of injustice.
I play to elicit passion in those who love sports. And I hope to inspire passion for a more perfect society in all I do.

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TOKYO 2020

Panasonic will continue to share passion and inspiration with people across the globe and create happiness for the world and ideal lifestyles through innovation and the resolution of social issues, while retaining a feeling of gratitude to all those involved in the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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