Lifting Tokyo 2020 Even Higher

The Para Powerlifting event requires assistants on both sides of the athletes to attach and remove the weights. At the Tokyo2020 Paralympic Games, these assistants will be wearing Power Assist Suit for a power boost and to reduce the burden on their waist.

Japan Technology at Work

Find out about the unique technologies supporting our appliances and deriving the reliability of Japan Quality.

For a Hydrogen Energy Society

Panasonic's approaches to achieve a hydrogen society where hydrogen can be produced, stored, and utilized in our homes.

Your Life in 2020

An enriched, custom-tailored lifestyle that caters to your family’s needs, from Panasonic.


This website introduces that Panasonic has created a variety of products and services over this 100 years.

Business Initiatives

Case studies of Panasonic's business initiatives are introduced.

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    Introducing cutting-edge systems with the world's highest class facial recognition technology based on deep learning to streamline monitoring and management.

    Learn more about the largest sports event in the world, the Olympic Games, through fun animation & numbers presented as easy-to-enjoy infographics.

    Konosuke Matsushita - Words of Wisdom

    Words of knowledge and insight spoken by Konosuke Matsushita, founder of Panasonic Corporation, are presented each week.

    Words of Wisdom Words of Wisdom