Toughbook Services

The Tough Team Behind the Machine

Toughbook Services are the backbone of Toughbook® computers. Designed exclusively for the Panasonic Toughbook line of mobile computers, Toughbook Services maximize operational performance, increase user efficiency and provide consistency throughout the computer's lifecycle. Toughbook laptops stand up to the challenges of a mobile environment and with the Toughbook Services team behind them make a powerful combination that translates into an overall lower total cost of ownership.

Panasonic's warranty service levels offer value-added options that help organizations efficiently deploy, analyze, track and manage Toughbook computers. Toughbook Premier, Preferred, and Plus warranty services help assure every deployment launches on time and on budget. The Toughbook Services team collaborates with organizations to monitor and manage assets beyond deployment, decrease system maintenance costs and improve user productivity. Toughbook Services provide total mobile solutions for all types of organizations, ensuring that all customers receive the service they need from the team that delivers.

The Toughbook Services Advantage

The Toughbook Service advantage gives Toughbook customers support from the team that designs and builds Toughbook computers and most of the essential components that go into them. This assures unmatched quality control and is the reason why Toughbook computers have low failure rates. Panasonic provides the best diagnostics and service available, with a large parts inventory on-hand and all services completed by Panasonic specialists. No one is better equipped, trained and stocked than the Toughbook Services team to address any challenge a user might face-from deployment and support to repairs and recovery of missing units. Toughbook Services is an integral part of the Panasonic total mobile computing solution.
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