Making It Tough

Panasonic Toughbook® mobile computers are designed to handle almost any situation-from business-rugged computers that withstand bangs, bumps and spillage, to fully-rugged that can survive extreme conditions, such as drops up to six feet, rain, oil, pressure, dust and extraordinary swings in temperature.

Panasonic has a long track record of investing heavily in research and development of high quality materials, innovative technologies and highly sophisticated, vertically integrated manufacturing facilities. By coupling these investments with a rigorous testing process, Panasonic continues to achieve legendary status for durable, reliable mobile computers.

Failure Rates

A failed laptop means frustration, lost time and lower productivity. Panasonic Toughbook mobile computers are far more reliable than standard mobile PC's, assuring less downtime, lower repair expenses and greater peace of mind.

Extreme Testing

In their drive for ever-tougher Toughbook computers, Panasonic technicians conduct more than 500 checks and tests before, during and after production. Oven-like temperatures, 26 consecutive drops and 12 hours of water spray are just a few of the tortures Toughbook computers must endure.


Panasonic is the only major manufacturer that designs, builds and tests its mobile computers in its own factories. By controlling the quality of Toughbook computers every step of the way, Panasonic achieves reliability rates that far surpass its competitors.

Materials and Technology

High quality materials, innovative technologies, and vertically integrated manufacturing all contribute to the exceptional reliability of Toughbook mobile computers.


Panasonic researchers and engineers work to continuously bring technological innovations to the Toughbook product line. In addition, the experiences and opinions of Toughbook customers also play a vital role in the future direction of Toughbook products.

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