Return on Investment (ROI)

In recent years, the functions that mobile computers are required to perform have evolved to mission critical tasks. However, most conventional mobile computers are not designed for heavy outdoor use and often cannot withstand the typical rigors of daily mobile use. With Panasonic Toughbook® computers, time isn't wasted transferring data from damaged systems, recovering lost work, hiring expensive IT consultants or replacing failed computers. The lower operating costs and higher productivity afforded by Toughbook rugged computers translate to a higher return on investment (ROI).

Extreme Testing: Toughbook computers undergo rigorous testing procedures that often exceed MIL-STD requirements.

The durability of Toughbook mobile computers is the result of engineering rugged features into every seal, hinge, keyboard and connector. Toughbook computers also endure stringent testing procedures, such as Highly Accelerated Life Tests (H.A.L.T.), MIL-STD-461 and MIL-STD-810G. MIL-STD-810G tests, for example, measure for dust, sand, rain, vibration, extreme temperature and moisture resistance, as well as drop shock absorption.

Some of the design decisions that go into making Toughbook computers more reliable, include:

  • Reinforced, integrated antenna retracts into case design to protect against damage
  • Sealed LCD to provide extra protection against moisture and dust
  • Internal dampers and seals isolate the LCD from shock, vibration and moisture
  • HDD mounted in damping polymers to help insulate against sudden blows
  • Flexible connectors between the hard drive and system board to protect against the transfer of shock from drops and bumps
  • Sealed keyboard and touchpad prevent damage from dust and spills
  • Environmental seals protect the multimedia pocket, PC card slots and connection terminals from moisture and dust
  • Full or partial magnesium alloy casing that protects against bumps, drops and knocks

Panasonic understands that ruggedness is only a part of the mobile solution. Panasonic has designed mobile-specific features into various models to fully meet the needs of the mobile workforce, such as:

  • Daylight-readable screens (up to 1,000 nit) for outdoor use
  • Touchscreens for easier navigation of software
  • Superior battery life for longer uptimes
  • Built-in handle for easier portability, reducing the need for bulky carrying cases
  • Replicator ports for docking on a desk or inside a vehicle

By focusing on the needs of mobile users, Panasonic has created a family of Toughbook computers that have the durability, reliability and features to increase user productivity and lower operating costs. As a result, organizations using Toughbook mobile computers achieve a higher return on their investment than organizations using ordinary computers.

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