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When lives are at stake, is there such a thing as too much detail? With the highest resolution display available for viewing medical images, the Toughpad™ 4K Tablet offers the ultimate in accuracy and mobility. Windows® 8.1 combined with a large, 20” screen elevates patient care with the tools you need to do video conferencing and group consultations.

Video Production

Portable 4K playback for everything from reviewing dailies, to pitch meetings, means you can say goodbye to low-res forever. The Toughpad 4K Tablet gives you the power to update storyboards, check green screen keys, ingest, log and more. Don’t just “fix it in post.” Fix it right now.

Architecture & Design

In an industry where everything hinges on the details, now you can see them all… all the time. Easily carry, review and mark up seemingly unlimited numbers of blueprints or schematics with the ability to zoom with no pixilation or degradation on a 20” tablet running Windows 8.1. Using the optional optical pen, create precise plans and drawings, render and present them on a single, portable device.


A picture is worth a thousand words, but this one will leave them speechless. Present proofs and finished work with stunning clarity in four times the resolution of Full HD. The Toughpad 4K Tablet also allows you to review, retouch and modify photos with unprecedented precision on the highest resolution display ever commercially sold.

High End Retail

From the showroom floor to virtual museums, the new Toughpad™ 4K tablet delivers the beyond-HD quality that was designed to showcase the most unique products. Featuring a 20” screen with 230 pixels per inch, it can be utilized as an interactive catalog that gives a real-life view of product dimensions and angles. Plus, with a powerful Intel® Core™ i5 vPro™ processor and dedicated NVIDIA® graphics for enhanced processing capability, it’s perfect for breathtaking video simulations and other advanced applications on the sales floor. Showcase your world, your way.

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