Women everywhere are turning to epilators as the hair removal method of choice because you stay smoother longer.
Panasonic employs state of-the-art hair removal technologies in its epilator design to make the hair removal experience as easy and comfortable as possible.

  • Wet/Dry, Washable Epilator
  • 100% Waterproof
  • 48 Rotating Tweezing Discs
  • Dual Disc Side‐to‐Side Gliding Head
  • 6-in-1 Hair Removal System
  • Shaver Head
  • Foot Care Attachment for Calluses and Dry Skin
  • Built-in LED Light
  • Travel Pouch

Cleaning Brush



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Wet/Dry Cordless Operation

Our epilators feature Wet/Dry Cordless Operation so you can use it in the bath. Some prefer this method and find warm water softens the skin, making the epilation process more comfortable. The Wet/Dry feature also lets you epilate with foam or gel for an even smoother, gentler epilation experience.

Dual Disc, Side‐to‐Side Gliding Head

Our epilators feature a pivoting head that moves and adjusts to the contours of your body.
A Dual Disc, Side‐to‐Side Gliding Head features a gentle side‐to‐side gliding motion that treats skin softly, while gently removing hairs it at the root.
Our Patented Skin Protector System™ reduces irritation by holding down the skin while removing hairs.
The tweezing discs never actually touch the skin so you get extra protection from cuts and abrasions.


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Built-in LED Light

Built-in LED light illuminates your skin so it’s easier to see stray hairs.

Nickel-Free, Hypo-Allergenic Blades

Panasonic epilators feature Nickel‐Free, Hypo‐Allergenic Blades—perfect for sensitive skin types.