WV-CS950 Series

WV-CS950 Series

All-in-one Day/Night camera featuring 30x zoom and Super Dynamic III

• 30x optical zoom lens plus 10x digital zoom
• Super Dynamic III 128x (NTSC) / 160x (PAL) wider dynamic range
• High sensitivity: 0.5 lux (Color), 0.04 lux (B/W) at F1.4 (WIDE)
• Auto tracking capability

WV-CS950 Series



• Super Dynamic III technology delivers 128x (NTSC) / 160x (PAL) wider dynamic range compared to conventional cameras.
• High resolution: 540 TV lines typical/520 TV lines minimum (Color HIGH mode), 480 TV lines minimum (Color NORMAL mode), 570 TV lines minimum (B/W mode)
• High sensitivity with Day/Night function: 0.5 lux (Color) at F1.4 (Wide), 0.04 lux (B/W) at F1.4 (Wide). IR cut filter switches on/off to enhance the sensitivity in B/W mode.
• Adaptive Digital Noise Reduction: Integration of 2D-DNR and 3D-DNR ensures noise reduction in various conditions.
• Electronic sensitivity enhancement: Auto (Up to 32x) / Fix (Up to 32x)
• 30x zoom lens: 3.8 ~ 114 mm (approx. 300x with digital zoom)
• Pan/Tilt speed of max. 400°/s at preset mode and 0.065°/s super fine control at manual mode
• 256 preset positions that can be activated from the system controller with a switcher or recorder (specific models).
• Proportional pan/tilt speed: Pan/Tilt speed varies corresponding to zoom position for easier operation.
• 5 degrees upper view for various applications
• Patrol function replays manual camera control of up to 2 minutes including PTZ.
• Auto tracking: The camera automatically pans and tilts to follow a moving subject and keep it in the center of the image.
• VMD (Video Motion Detector) with Mask 8 x 6 areas
• Scene Change Detection alarms when lens is covered, spray painted, removed or defocused.
• Various I/O terminals: ALARM IN 1 ~ 4, ALARM OUT1/AUX OUT1, BW/AUX2 OUT
• Alarm sources include Terminal 1 ~ 4, VMD and Command alarm. Alarm actions include Terminal output, Camera positioning, Auto pan, Patrol, SEQ, Sort, Auto track, B/W and command output.
• Auto Image Stabilizer for applications where vibration or wind is a concern
• Internal/Line-lock/Multiplexed Vertical Drive (VD2) synchronization
• Area title: Displays OSD title for each of 8 panning directions (45 deg each). Pre-programmed title or customized title with up to 16 characters is available.
• Scene File can change various camera setting concurrently according to the scene upon selecting a preset position.
• Privacy Zone can mask up to 8 private areas, such as house windows and entrances/exits.
• 16 alphanumerics camera title display
• Multi language: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German, Russian, Chinese, Japanese
• Internal/Line-lock/Multiplexed Vertical Drive (VD2) synchronization
• Over the coaxial cable or RS-485 data communication


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