Our Activities

Our Activities

Solar City and Panasonic NZ

Solar City Partnership

Panasonic has partnered with Solar City in order to deliver cheaper power and environmentally-friendly energy alternatives to New Zealand and the communities of the Pacific. Together, Panasonic and Solar City are working to build the largest solar subdivision to deliver about 5MV of power into Christchurch as part of the rebuild following the earthquake. Panasonic manufactures the world’s best performing PV panel, and is looking for ways to expand solar in the residential, business and school sectors.

Tomorrow Street and Panasonic NZ

Tomorrow Street

Tomorrow Street is a live testing ground for energy efficient products in New Zealand. Created by Genesis Energy, the programme focuses on a neighbourhood in the North Shore, outfitting homes with products such as solar panels and various energy management systems. Panasonic has provided EcoNavi refrigerators and washing machines for the effort, and so far the results have been impressive – the 15 houses involved reduced their energy use by 18 per cent in just one year.

Kids Witness News New Zealand

Kids Witness News

Kids Witness News is a hands-on video education program developed and supported by Panasonic New Zealand. The program was developed to enhance student's self-confidence, creativity, communication skills, and teamwork through the use of digital video technology. Each year, Panasonic New Zealand participates in the global video contest for kids to enter their work and show off their skills. Panasonic New Zealand relishes the opportunity to be part of the community and encourage the next generation of digital pioneers.

Sustainability in Action

Sustainability in Action

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Making the Best Use of Limited Resources and Energy

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Solving the Issue of a Sustainable Society

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A Corporation Where Diverse People Can Thrive and Prosper

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Working in Cooperation with Worldwide Business Partners

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