Elevate your viewing experience with Panasonic’s new advanced user-centric 2K TVs

Düsseldorf, 14th May 2024

Elevate your viewing experience with Panasonic’s new advanced user-centric 2K TVs

Today, Panasonic brings its crisp, sharp picture quality to the smaller screen with its new entry LED line-up including four new 2K Smart TVs, the S55A and S50A both Panasonic Premium TVs with the content-forward experience of Fire TV, and the S45A and S40A both Powered by TiVo™1.

The N30A then completes the offering bringing a straight-forward easy-to-use non-smart TV in 24- and 32-inch screens – perfect for children’s rooms or hotels.

Both the S55A/S50A series and S45A/S40A series (all available in 24, 32 and 40 inches) feature the Panasonic HD Colour Engine, so you can enjoy the content you love with a unique high-quality picture for a rich experience you'll want to share with your family and friends.

Whether enjoying the latest movie, TV series, live gig, or your favourite game – brilliant colours and sharp contrasts bring precise details to life. And when it comes to gaming, Game Mode ensures a faster response time for smooth play.

Endless entertainment with Fire TV

Panasonic Premium TVs combine the best quality features: Panasonic’s renowned picture and sound quality combined with an extensive range of apps —including streaming services, music and more— all rolled into an easy to use, personalised, content forward user interface.

With Fire TV built in, the S55A and S50A seamlessly integrate your favourite streaming and live TV channels, apps, and tailored recommendations on one main home screen so you can quickly find what you love without the endless scrolling. Both TVs include the Voice Remote with Alexa to easily launch apps, play music, search for titles, control your smart home and more, using your voice.

This makes finding content easy with personalised experiences for all the family, thanks to recent entertainment and individual recommendations for every user in the home.

Sound quality is guaranteed too with DTS® Virtual X™2 or immersive surround sound giving a rich bass and clearer dialogue. You can hook up DTS Virtual X-enabled sound bars or TV speakers for an enhanced home theatre experience to deliver life-like sound above, beside and behind you for any room configuration or budget.

Multi HDR Support (HDR10/ HLG) also features, which allows for accurate brightness level changes scene by scene and captures every detail with a wider range of tones.

User experience is at the heart with TiVo

The S40A and S45A Smart TVs are also packed with a content-first experience with an operating system (OS) Powered by TiVo™, to find, watch and enjoy the content you love with ease.

TiVo OS is an independent, unbiased platform that curates home screens with access to your favourite live and on-demand shows and movies from global, regional, and local content providers to cut through the clutter. Or if you don’t know what to watch it will recommend content based on your unique profile.

This gives you both a great entertainment ecosystem and user experience, choosing your favourite streaming apps with a free, familiar, and frictionless experience based on what’s most relevant to you.

Engineering prowess

Panasonic’s N30A HD Ready series also gives you a crisp and sharp picture, for superb definition and detail on a smaller screen, at a great price.

HDMI 1.4 ARC and two HDMI ports reduce the need for multiple cables or remotes to simplify setup, and audio quality is ensured with easy connectivity to likes of soundbars or speakers if you wish.

The TV also has Hotel Mode for hotel chains or small businesses alike as well as easy installation, a range of compatibility and support of all signal types. As a result, patrons receive convenient access to a wealth of entertainment with a high quality picture and audio experience.

All these entry level models also have dedicated settings for different types of content with Picture Mode that can be changed for Movies, Sport, Games, and more, so whatever you’re watching is optimised and customized to suit the content.

You can also own your content viewing experience and decide what’s played on the TVs with USB Media Player. Just plug-in and play your own content such as videos, music, photos etc., and the choice of picture modes will then customize the imagery to your preference.

For elegance in any room, the S55A, S50A, S45A, S40A and N30A all benefit from being able to be wall mounted to save space too. This makes all these latest TVs ideal for a study, guest room or smaller rooms.

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About the Panasonic Group

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