Holistic Wellbeing: Panasonic focus on people and the planet

IFA Berlin 2023: Panasonic present its latest innovations and vision for a more sustainable future.

Berlin, 29 August 2023 – Panasonic will showcase its latest consumer products ranging from TV, to Home AV, Small Kitchen Appliances, Personal Care, Digital Imaging and Smart Communication in Hall “HUB27” at IFA 2023 in Berlin. It is part of the consumer-driven, holistic approach of the brand, which focuses on the wellbeing of people, society and the planet in four different dimensions. “Our goal is to balance individual wellbeing with global sustainability, and we have been working hard to bring this vision to life,” explains Masahiro Shinada, CEO of Panasonic Corporation. Panasonic is working intensively on industry-leading solutions relating to CO2 reduction and the circular economy; important steps that rethink product design philosophy and prioritise longer product life cycles – for example, by using modular designs for easier repair or integrating IoT for predictive fault detection – and more accessible refurbishment offers and subscription models. At the same time, the whole company (Panasonic Holdings) is already successfully decarbonizing its approximately 250 factory locations. Panasonic is also expanding the production of heat pumps in Europe. To further strengthen the heat pump business, Panasonic will invest more than 300 million euros in Research & Development, Production and Sales & Marketing by 2025.

At IFA 2023, Panasonic will be focusing on its corporate vision of “Holistic Wellbeing”. The four-dimension Holistic Wellbeing approach is differentiated into:

- “Spatial Wellbeing” (TV and Home Entertainment)
- “Outer Wellbeing” (Personal Care)
- “Inner Wellbeing” (Small Kitchen Appliances)
- “Social Wellbeing” (Digital Imaging and Petcare)

“In a year where we have already introduced so many cutting edge and award winning products across all of these categories we really look forward to explaining our strategy along with even more new products to our European retail partners in Berlin,” explains Hideki Katayama, Managing Director of Panasonic Marketing Europe GmbH.


TV and Home AV for the best entertainment – at home and on the move

Seeing and hearing are important elements of spatial wellbeing response – used correctly, they can significantly enhance our overall wellbeing. Aligning with this notion Panasonic announced its new 2023 range of OLED and LED TVs. In recent weeks. Panasonic OLED TVs have long been considered the first choice for movies, TV shows and games; supported by Panasonic's long-standing collaborations with professional filmmakers and major game developers means that new products are also developed from the content creators' perspective. This ensures that content is reproduced – as it was conceived by the producers. Panasonic continues to rely on fine-tuning from Hollywood: In its top OLED models, the company combines Japanese know-how and engineering skills with the professional wealth of experience of Hollywood film colourist Stefan Sonnenfeld, known as the “da Vinci of the movies”, in colour matching. Like many other leading colourists, he uses Panasonic OLED screens as large-format reference monitors in his daily workflow. A further enhanced Filmmaker Mode also ensures that cinema enthusiasts can enjoy films exactly as the director conceived them. In addition, intelligent sensors are used to detect the colour temperature of the ambient light and adjust the picture in detail. This allows for a more natural picture display both during the day and when watching films at night. Panasonic has also developed My Scenery, a function that creates environments that match the room or mood in terms of mindfulness and mental health – for example, beautiful scenery to help you concentrate better at work or soothing rain sounds for a relaxing routine before bed.

In the increasingly vibrant field of gaming, developers are also creating incredibly realistic digital worlds with the help of impressive images and sound effects. The ever-increasing technical requirements associated with this can often only be met by professional computer monitors – or even the latest OLED TVs from Panasonic. To ensure that every game looks its best, the new True Game Mode1 brings all the accurate colour reproduction features available for movies to the world of gaming, while enhanced HDR Tone Mapping ensures a faithful representation of HDR content delivered by the game console.

The flagship of the 2023 OLED model range is the MZ2000 series, available in 55-, 65- and 77-inch screen sizes. The series is based on a state-of-the-art panel with Micro Lens Array and a customised, multi-layer thermal management configuration that enables a significant increase in brightness2. Four further series complete the Panasonic OLED TV range downwards: The new MZ1500 4K Ultra HD TV series (42, 48, 55 and 65 inches) combines a revolutionary design with the professional OLED technology of a Master OLED PRO panel3. Just like the MZ980 series available in the same inch sizes, it is an absolute recommendation for anyone who wants to experience cinema and gaming with an OLED TV at the highest level. The MZ800 series (42, 48, 55 and 65 inches), on the other hand, can convince with a minimalist frameless design and a manageable price – the perfect entry into the fascinating world of 4K Ultra-HD OLED TVs and the first Panasonic OLED TV with Google TV4 in EU as well as the first Panasonic OLED Android TVTM in UK.

The range in the LED TV segment is similarly broad: MX950 (55, 65 and 75 inches) and MX940 (43 and 50 inches) series LED 4K Ultra HD TVs feature the latest Mini LED Panel Technology (MX950) respectively 100Hz Full-Array-Local-Dimming (FALD) 4K panels (MX940) and offer an exceptional combination of picture quality and versatility for different types of content. The MX800 series of 4K Ultra HD LED TVs (43, 50, 55, 65, 75 as well as 85 inches5) with Fire TV built in deliver Panasonic's signature high-quality picture and sound coupled with the streamlined user interface of Fire TV OS. The MX7006 series LED Ultra HD TVs (43, 50, 55 and 65 inches), on the other hand, combine the personalised smart features of Google TV with exceptional 4K picture quality and enable easy streaming of the best content such as TV programmes, movies and sports and games.

Technics: 55 years of sound experience for audio products for the highest demands

New in 2023 are the compact and lightweight EAH-AZ40M2 earphones. Together with the EAH-AZ80 and EAH-AZ60M2 released in the spring, the EAH-AZ40M2 completes Technics' True Wireless portfolio, which delivers for a sublime listening experience thanks to its sound richness and clarity even in loud ambient noise and contributes to spatial wellbeing. With their active noise cancellation, unparalleled comfort and Bluetooth® Multipoint Connection, meaning simultaneous connection of up to three devices, the EAH-AZ40M2 fits seamlessly into any mobile lifestyle. The flagship EAH-AZ80 and EAH-AZ60M2 have already been highly recognized for their outstanding sound quality and excellent wearing comfort. Whether you're exercising, commuting or in meetings, the EAH-AZ80 and EAH-AZ60M2 offer reliable microphones, optimal ambient noise suppression and sweat-resistant, effective sound for all environments and activities. The smart features of these two models offer clear calls through advanced JustMyVoice™ technology, industry-leading noise cancellation, long battery life and wireless charging. The EAH-A800 wireless over-ear noise-cancelling headphones complement this line-up.

In the audio segment, Technics will offer the globally successful and highly acclaimed SL-1500C direct-drive turntable in the new, cutting-edge colour white (SL-1500C). This is Technics' response to the demand of many design-oriented record lovers.

Another IFA highlight is the Compact Network CD Receiver SA-C600 that inherits the sophisticated full-digital amplification technology based on the JENO Engine, which is the firm fundament for rock-solid power and dynamic music reproduction typical of all Technics products. As part of the Premium C600 Series the SA-C600 joins the elegant high-performance compact speaker system SB-C600 and is a significant add-on to the Technics portfolio, filling the gap between all-in-one compact speaker systems such as C70MK2 with exclusively developed 8-cm woofer unit and 2-cm dome tweeter unit and true separate component systems such as the C700 and the G700 systems.


High-quality personal care with a conscience

A healthy and positive appearance due to optimal and individual personal care are important for people's outer wellbeing. Panasonic personal care products are specifically designed to support and enhance this aspect of aesthetic wellbeing. For example, Panasonic's EH-NA9J hair dryer combines nanoe™ and double mineral technology to provide repairing deep conditioning and strengthen hair structure while drying. The nanoe™ technology transforms moisture from the air into negatively charged moisture particles that are so tiny they can penetrate deep into the hair, leaving it shiny. At the same time, nanoe™ neutralises the electrostatic charge of the hair and tames “flyaway hair”. Added to this is the double mineral technology, which generates mineral ions by two zinc electrodes that strengthen the hair surface and make the hair resistant to mechanical stress such as combing and brushing or UV rays.

“Up to five grooming routines with just one battery handle” – the idea behind the Panasonic MULTISHAPE modular personal care system is not only practical and space-saving, but also sustainable and has already won awards such as the iF Design Award Gold as well as the Red Dot Design Award. It is the first example of Panasonic's new design thinking, which aims to minimise the environmental footprint of a device from manufacture to product end-of-life. With just one battery and one charging cable, the MULTISHAPE can replace up to five individual devices, each of which would otherwise have required a battery plus charger: shaving, beard and hair trimming, body grooming, nose hair trimming and even dental care. The modular principle minimises material usage compared to traditional devices conserving resources and avoiding waste. The handy, waterproof handpiece is available with either a lithium-ion battery (90 minutes runtime and quick charge) or a nickel-metal hydride battery (50 minutes runtime).

The Panasonic EY Series is similarly functional and flexible. It comprises seven epilator models and, thanks to an improved epilating double-disc head with new pressure control and three epilating speeds, ensures gentle and fast hair removal. With different interchangeable heads included, the seven EY models can be used for a whole range of other beauty treatments: the 7-in-1 model EY90 epilates, shaves, trims and also assists with body peeling and foot care. The six other EY models offer the same premium epilation as the top model, so that you can choose the model with the right accessories to suit your individual body care preferences.

The new Series 700 wet/dry shaver combines some of Panasonic's best shaving technologies in one device at a very attractive price. At its heart is an ultra-fast linear motor, which is also used in Panasonic's current premium shavers such as the Series 900+ with 6-blade shaving head. It drives the 3-fold shaving head with magnetic levitation technology to a total of 39,000 cutting movements per minute. The side-tilt shaving head is equipped with two finishing shaving foils for a particularly close shave and an integral cutter for strong, unruly beard hairs on the chin and neck. All three blades are made with Panasonic's advanced Japanese blade technology, which is considered particularly sharp, strong and durable. Because every beard is different, the Series 700 is equipped with a responsive beard density sensor that detects beard density and thickness 200 times per second and adjusts the motor power accordingly.


For a healthier, simpler, and more balanced way of cooking

The aim of developing the NN-DS59 and NN-CS89/88 was to combine four cooking methods in one compact appliance: steam, oven, grill and inverter microwave. With these Steam Combi Ovens gourmets and cooking beginners alike have numerous opportunities to prepare new recipes and favourite dishes in a time-saving and healthy way. Steam fish and vegetables, bake a home-made pizza or even roast a whole chicken to perfection, your culinary imagination has no limits. In addition to vitamin-preserving steam cooking, the NN-DS59 also makes low-fat preparation possible.

At IFA Panasonic presents four new additions to its “Experience Fresh” kitchen appliance lineup – expanding the Combination Microwave Oven range with the NN-DF38P and NN-DF37P, and introducing two new Air Fryer models for the European market, the NF-CC600 and NF-CC500. This quartet of compact and stylish units offers easy-to-use and energy-saving auto programmes for healthy meals that will ignite the joy of cooking while promoting better balance through quick, healthy, and delicious food.

The defining feature of the new NN-DF38P and NN-DF37P Combi Ovens are the three Eco Combi Mode settings. Using the Eco Combi mode – grill and microwave power at the same time – is more efficient than using top/bottom heat alone, allowing you to cook delicious oven food much quicker and more energy-efficiently, with no pre-heating required.

With the NF-CC600 and NF-CC500 Air Fryers, Panasonic is expanding its kitchen appliance family and offering European customers new options for healthy cooking. Functioning like small ovens, Air Fryers have the potential to reduce energy consumption and cooking times due to their smaller capacity, top and bottom heaters, and airflow technology. The top and bottom heating of the new Air Fryers supports 360° air frying for uniform crispiness in a short time with less turning. A built-in water tank makes it possible to add gentle steam during the air frying process. The steam function is designed to enhance crispiness and to help retain moisture within the food. Both models are expected to be available from Spring 2024.

As part of Panasonic’s commitment to sustainability, the new Combi Ovens will use Zero Plastic Packaging; the Carton Box is entirely plastic-free, and the units will be wrapped in a reusable cotton fabric.


Powerful upgrade for LUMIX mirrorless camera systems

Panasonic's mission is to empower content creators to capture and share compelling stories that contribute to social wellbeing. LUMIX cameras and lenses offer reliability, flexibility and convenience. New in 2023 are the award-winning and top-rated LUMIX S5II and the sleek matte black LUMIX S5IIX, which even features black logos and lettering. The jury of the prestigious Technical Image Press Association (TIPA) recently voted the LUMIX S5II “Best Full Frame Expert Camera”, stating: “Pro content creators will welcome the capabilities of this hybrid camera that can deliver high-res stills and very sophisticated video functionality. It’s the first LUMIX model to offer Phase Hybrid AF, which greatly benefits fast and precise autofocus performance. The S5II features a new Active I.S. (image stabilization) system that is especially designed to compensate for recordings made while walking, an exciting development for ‘on the ground’ event coverage. TIPA members were impressed by the camera’s interfaces, numerous recording modes and active cooling system. They also pointed to the unit’s impressive still capabilities, including 9 fps (mechanical) and 30 fps (electronic) speed, wide dynamic range, and an impressive ISO recording capability, expandable to ISO 50-204,800.” The majority of the jury of the Expert Imaging and Sound Association (EISA), an international community of 60 technology magazines, websites and social media commentators from 29 countries, was at least as impressed: a few days ago, they named the LUMIX S5IIX the “EISA Video Camera 2023-2024”. Conclusion: With their outstanding photo and video performance and amazingly compact and robust body, these L-mount cameras thus meet the high demands of creative photo and video enthusiasts while offering exceptional value for money. Another interesting feature: The LUMIX S5IIX has the compatibility of both ProRes raw and Blackmagic raw recoding via HDMI to respond to professional videographer needs. Both models are based on a newly developed full-frame 24-megapixel CMOS sensor and an equally new image processor developed as part of the L2 technology alliance between LEICA and LUMIX.

The full-frame sensor of the LUMIX S5II and S5IIX now also supports Phase Detection AF in addition to contrast-based autofocus, combining both focusing methods into a new Phase Hybrid AF. The fast and reliable new system works with 779 measuring fields and is able to detect subjects even in difficult lighting conditions, such as backlighting, and continue to track them even when there are also other subjects in the frame. This makes the LUMIX S5II and S5IIX highly dependable when shooting moving subjects in action-packed situations. In addition, the new processor offers outstanding image quality and high bit-rate video performance comparable to that of a LUMIX S1H.

Another new feature called Real-time LUT (Look up table) is creating a lot of excitement in the content creator scene: some LUMIX cameras have allowed LUTs to be loaded into the camera, either view a “normalised” V-Log image or preview a look that is close to the intended end result. With the LUMIX S5ll's Real-time LUT Function, it is now possible not only to preview a look but also to apply it directly to the footage as it is being shot, allowing the shot to be fully colour corrected as it is being created. This not only saves time in post-production but offers a huge choice of looks and styles directly from the camera.

As part of the L-Mount System, the new LUMIX S5II and LUMIX S5IIX models set new standards in terms of compactness, functionality and flexibility. Because within the L-Mount System, there are lenses and accessories for almost all applications at the highest level. Panasonic alone has more than a dozen high-quality lenses in its range. Most recently, the LUMIX S 14-28mm F4-5.6 MACRO was added as an affordable ultra-wide-angle zoom. Thanks to a versatile zoom range, the full-frame lens is recommended for wide-angle landscape and architecture shots, atmospheric portraits and, thanks to the macro function with a short minimum focusing distance, impressive detail shots.

Also new is firmware update version 2.3 for the LUMIX GH6, which enables the current flagship model in the LUMIX GH series to support 4K 120p/100p via HDMI and BRAW recording – that is, RAW video recording to an external Blackmagic recorder. The latter was previously reserved for the LUMIX S5IIX.

Petcare: Safe and reliable food supply for pets

From a social perspective, pets contribute enormously to people's wellbeing. Accordingly, the market for pet supplies is also developing strongly in Europe. In particular, the segments of smart feeders and water fountains have great growth potential. In response to this development, Panasonic presents a new Smart Pet Feeder and a new Pet Drinking Fountain as reliable solutions that improve the social wellbeing of pet owners and their beloved companions. Both products are expected to be available by the end of 2023.

The new Panasonic Pet Drinking Fountain puts pets' health first by continuously providing fresh and filtered water. The 4-stage filtration system and water circulation mechanism ensure that pets always have access to clean water. The thoughtful design of the water run and the 5V water pump, which operates at a barely perceptible and absolutely sleep-friendly 25db, reduce the volume of the water dispenser to a “whisper” volume. Thanks to this minimised operating sound, the Pet Drinking Fountain does not disturb the peace and quiet of your own home in any way.

The new Panasonic Smart Pet Feeder allows smart feeding directly via an app that controls the meal schedule. This feeder is very versatile and can accommodate different types of food with a diameter of up to 12 mm – including dried, air-dried, freeze-dried and puffed grains. It has an intelligent control system for feeding according to the meal plan, a feed residue detection system and an app remote control. Other features include an anti-clogging system, a tray to keep the feed dry and a dual power supply.

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1 Only available on TV models with HCX PRO AI from 2023
2 55- and 65-inch models only
3 55- and 65-inch models only
4 Google TV is the name of this device’s software experience and a trademark of Google LLC. Google, Chromecast built-in and Google Play are trademarks of Google LLC.
5 Screen size availability may vary by country
6 Only available in EU (not UK)

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