“Mighty Bass That Moves You”
Wireless Headphones Deliver
the Full Experience of Mighty Bass


Panasonic will release new wireless headphones, RB-M700B, RB-M500B, and RB-M300B,which deliver the vivid, powerful experience of Mighty Bass.

In recent years, Bass music is on a major music trend globally dominating hit charts. Panasonic has developed XBS DEEP (Extra Bass System Deep) and applied this technology to the new models, RB-M700B, RB-M500B, and RB-M300B. The concept of the technology is to capitalise on heavy bass sound to enjoy the music to the fullest. What makes XBS DEEP special comes from three big technologies, a 40mm Free Edge Driver System, Acoustic Bass Control, and Harmonic Tuning EQ.

“Mighty Bass That Moves You” Wireless Headphones Deliver the Full Experience of Mighty Bass

XBS DEEP (Extra Bass System Deep)

- 40mm Free Edge Driver System
This system delivers dynamic bass sound with quite less distortion, and at the same time realises transparent mid-to-high frequency sound. This is brought by a 40mm Free Edge Driver System that has highly elastic material applied onto an edge of a diaphragm. This application allows the diaphragm to dynamically and smoothly move even with a large amount of electric music signal, which delivers precise air vibrations.

- Acoustic Bass Control
Precise sound reproduction requires the entire design of headphones cabinet to control airflow with minimum distortion. Acoustic Bass Control is carefully designed structural positioning of the product making appropriate airflow. Airflow ports and filters have been carefully placed around a product housing cabinet and a baffle plate inside, which controls the entire airflow to reproduce bass sound with precision.

- Harmonic Tuning EQ
The best bass sound experience also has to be with a crisp and clear mid-to-high range frequency sound. Normally once lower frequencies are amplified, clarity of sound range deteriorates. Panasonic’s Harmonic Tuning EQ exhaustively adjusts around 3.5 kHz range to compensate higher frequency range while maintaining enhanced bass sound experience. This tuning has only been confirmed by an accumulation of tuning knowledge over the course of time.

Bass Reactor (RB-M700B / RB-M500B Only)
This feature amplifies lower frequencies in response to bass sound and delivers unprecedented deep bass experience. Listeners can enjoy music as if they were at a live concert or a nightclub.

Bass Reactors built inside headphones housing makes this experience possible. This device responding only to lower frequencies also acts to increase bass sound directly impacting the product housing with real vibrations.

Active Noise Cancelling (RB-M700B Only)
Active Noise Cancelling eliminates surrounding noise that interferes with the originally intended bass sound, making the bass clearer and more vivid.

Side Pressure Dispersion Technology
Panasonic has been analyzing positioning of ear pad pressures around ear and accumulating the data for years. This time the new models have been applied Side Pressure Dispersion Technology that evenly disperse lateral pressure around their ears for ever better fitting experience. This achievement brings a pleasant feel even if listeners enjoy music for a long period of time.

With these headphones, we deliver a fully immersive live music experience wherever you go.

Product Information

RP-M700B (Black / Sand Beige)
The flagship model, equipped with Active Noise Cancelling function in addition to XBS DEEP and Bass Reactor, enables full enjoyment of deep, powerful bass in quiet environments.

1. Deep Bass Playback with Well-Defined Bass Response
2. Powerful Vibe Feels Like Live
3. Active Noise Cancelling

RP-M500B (Black / Sand Beige)
Leader model equipped with XBS DEEP and Bass Reactor lets you thrill to deep, powerful bass.

1. Deep Bass Playback with Well-Defined Bass Response
2. Powerful Vibe Feels Like Live
3. Comfortable Fit

RP-M300B (Black / Sand Beige)
Entry model features XBS DEEP plus bass augmentation with the touch of a button.

1. Deep Bass Playback with Well-Defined Bass Response
2. Powerful, Enhanced Bass
3. Comfortable Fit

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