Say farewell to fuzz without a fuss with the NEW Panasonic Epilator EY Series.

Speed, efficiency and easy to handle are the key features wished by most women, when it comes to female epilation1. New EY Series by Panasonic is the only one onto market boasting a Double Disk feature, delivering smooth skin in just one stroke, which is designed to perfectly take the best position on skin, ensuring the most convenient grip. Moreover, the new Panasonic Epilator EY Series is a complete modular personal care system, featuring a single, easy-to-grip chargeable device with a high-power motor and variation of attachments available to meet all body care needs.

A leap in epilation technology with a unique Double Disk feature delivering smooth skin in just one stroke, the Epilator EY Series provides ultimate hair removal experience. The exclusive Double Disc feature, that is only found on the EY Series, ensures leftover hair is caught, as the second disc catches any hair missed by the first, the swift and efficient tool means the need for going over skin multiple times is removed. The efficiency of the double discs means the EY Series can capture more hair, as short as 0.5mm, which would not be removed by wax treatments, adding to the comfortable experience.

As being gentle on the skin is a priority to Panasonic, the EY Series has been equipped with a special sensor that lights an LED lamp when too much pressure is applied, so that you can epilate with minimised pain. Combined with the the two rollers and 60 tweezers, which is exclusive to Panasonic, means the EY Series can capture more hair with ease.

Designed for best customer experience achievable, EY Series is the only epilator onto market to offer 3 different speeds, to suit at best to your needs and type of hair. The 90° pivoting head ensures comfortable and personalised use, with pivoting movements ensuring the epilator fits smooth to the body’s contours, reaching hard-to-reach areas without straining. The personal care tool’s adaptability is further elevated by being cordless and usable or not under water. This means you can use it comfortably wherever you want : bath, shower, room or balcony. After 1 full hour charge you will get an autonomy of 30 minutes ; enough to do the 2 legs thanks to the Double Disk unique concept . Last but not least the epilator’s universal voltage specifications also make it ideal for travel.

Boasting a four-strong line up, with customisable additions including a shaver head, pop-up trimmer, exfoliation brush and foot care head, the various attachments are dependent on the model chosen1.Including attachments to meet all personal care needs, the EY90 model comes complete with an array of accessories: 

Epilation Head for legs (EY90/EY80/EY70/EY30)
The market’s unique Double Disc Epilation Head featured in the EY Series includes the unique accuracy of 60 tweezers for a quick and easy epilation process, removing hair as short as 0.5mm. With the hair-grasping tweezers’ size increased by 40% and featuring a wider opening angle [versus previous EL serie], more hair is gripped and removed with each stroke, even in hard-to-reach areas.
Shaver Head (EY30)
Designed for shaving all over the body, the large razor allows for shift shaving of hair across large areas, like the legs and underarms.
Pop-Up Trimmer
Designed to make it easy to trim long hair, the Pop-Up Trimmer will help cut down your shaving time with ease.
Small Epilation Head for Underarm & Bikini (EY90/EY80/EY70/EY30-A)
Ideal for delicate areas such as underarms and bikini area, the Small Epilation Head even removes hair from narrow and hard-to-manipulate areas.
Bikini / Underarm Cap (EY90/EY80/EY70)
Designed to cut thick hair in the bikini area gently, the Bikini Cap can be attached to the shaver head, with the trimmer blade then popping up. Make sure to cut long hair short before epilating.
Gentle Cap (EY90/EY80/EY70)
Beginner friendly, the Gentle Cap helps prevent the discs from touching the skin, holding the skin in place so the epilator removes the hair without pulling, making removal less painful.
Foot Care Head (EY90/EY80/EY70)
Delivering satin smooth heels, the Foot Care Head is perfect for a speedy and precise pedicure. When applied to hard, calloused skin, the rolling file exfoliates dry and dead skin, leaving the skin smooth and soft. With a curved roller head suitable for precision care, the tool can also be used to treat corns on the side of the big toe, and the soles of the feet.
Sonic Scrub Brush (EY90, EY80)
Exfoliating through high-speed vibrations of approximately 3,100 times per minute, the Sonic Scrub Brush features approximately 60,000 high density bristles to exfoliate efficiently and deliver a smooth and soft finish. Best used before epilation, regular use of the brush will help avoid ingrown hair.
All models also come complete with a pouch and brush.
The EY series line-up features a variation of these accessories in order to cover individual requests and gets affordable models. You can easily complete your initial model or replace some lost/broken parts by buying separately individual heads.
Five of the models are being introduced to the European market in January, with two new additions available from March 2023.
As Panasonic is also involved in waste reduction and recycling strategy all packagings have been made to minimize plastic use by reaching less than 2% ratio.

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1Survey conducted by Panasonic on 2791 women in Germany and France in May 2020.
2 See list of accessories according to the model.