Panasonic LS480 / LS490: Compact Entertainer

High-quality HD Android TV™ series that convinces
across the board in terms of price and performance

Panasonic LS480 / LS490: Compact Entertainer

Hamburg, April 2022 - The new Panasonic LS490 (Full HD) and LS480 (HD) Android TV series combines impressive picture quality, powerful sound and elegant design. The 32" and 24” (LS480 only) models in the series are equipped with the latest LED/LCD technology and offer outstanding viewing pleasure thanks to their brilliant picture quality. Simplify your entertainment experience with Android TV. Ask Google to find 400,000+ movies and shows, answer questions, control smart home devices, and more, with your voice. You can also cast your photos, videos, and music from devices to your TV easily with Chromecast built-in™. The new V-Audio sound system ensures good stereo sound with high speech intelligibility. Regardless of whether the TV signal is received via satellite, cable or antenna, the integrated HD Triple Tuner always ensures optimum flexibility in reception. The versatile connection options such as HDMI, USB, CI+, Bluetooth®, headphone connection and much more round off the comprehensive equipment. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom, guest room or bedroom, the LS480/LS490 series fits seamlessly and space-saving into your living ambience.

Who hasn't dreamed of watching what you want, when you want, from the comfort of your own home? Well, that dream comes true with the LS480/LS490 series Android TV - offering easy access to Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube & many more apps on Google Play (Subscriptions for streaming services may be required. Availability depending on country). In addition, the built-in triple tuner ensures that these TV sets are equipped for any type of TV reception, regardless of whether the TV signal comes into the house via antenna, satellite or cable. Even if the viewer moves house and the TV reception changes as a result, he or she does not have to worry about the reception of the TV program.

High brightness
The Full HD LED display (LS480: HD ready) ensures sharp picture reproduction and first-class motion display. A high refresh rate enables the natural display of fast movements - ideal for sports programmes. The bright panel with enormously high contrast values and HDR10 support ensures that viewers can experience the action as the director intended, regardless of the lighting conditions. Using LCD technology, Panasonic guarantees stunning brightness and stunning picture quality - perfect for any room.

Panasonic LS480 / LS490: Compact Entertainer

Smart TV
Why limit yourself to live TV channels via antenna? Smart TVs can easily connect to the internet via built-in Wi-Fi, offering a wide range of programme content. Media libraries, YouTube and video streaming services such as Netflix, Prime Video or Disney+ are available at any time at the touch of a button. Even away from the normal TV programme, the Panasonic LS480/LS490 models offer a wide range of entertainment options. With the media libraries of the TV channels, popular streaming offers such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or YouTube as well as numerous apps, the viewer enjoys a varied entertainment offer. Using a web browser, they can call up interesting pages from the Internet, such as travel offers, together with their family and watch them on the big screen.

Google Assistant
Press the Google Assistant button on your remote to do more on your TV with your voice. Ask Google to search for the latest blockbuster, stream shows, or open multiplayer games. Dim the lights by connecting smart home devices. Manage tasks and see your calendar. Or ask questions and see the answers on your TV.

Media player
The TVs built-in media player makes it easy to play personal multimedia content such as videos, music and photos stored on a USB storage device. Go from your phone, tablet, or laptop to your TV in an instant. With Chromecast built-in, you can cast all your favourite movies, shows, apps, games, and more directly to your TV.

Versatile connection options
More than sufficient connectivity is provided by the three HDMI inputs on the set, one of which, thanks to ARC, allows the TV to be connected to a soundbar or AV receiver. Two USB sockets (USB 2.0) on the side of the LS480/LS490 models facilitate the connection of memory sticks with multimedia content. Bluetooth® makes it easy to connect wireless speakers or headphones to the TV. There is also a conventional headphone jack.

V-Audio sound system
With the LS480/LS490 series, the powerful V-Audio sound system opens up a sound stage that makes soundtracks as thrilling as the action on the big screen. Two built-in speakers and a DSP for four sound presets (smart/movie/music/news) deliver convincing sound and high speech intelligibility. 

Two screen sizes
The ideal TV for small living spaces: the LS480/LS490 series models are available in elegant "Dark Titanium" design in screen sizes of 24 (LS480 only) and 32 inches.
Status April 2022: Subject to change without notice
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