Panasonic SC-HTB490 Slim Soundbar
with Full-Bodied Bass Sound

  • Powerful sound performance
  • Slim, compact design
  • Easy streaming capabilities

Wiesbaden, Germany, 25.03.2021 - Panasonic announces the new SC-HTB490 Slim Soundbar – designed for consumers who want to hear it all and feel it all, but not have their view interrupted.

HTB490 shares the key features of Panasonic’s bigger soundbar models:

  • Wireless Subwoofer
  • Bluetooth® connectivity
  • HDMI (ARC), Optical and USB connection

HTB490 in Summary

Panasonic’s new HTB490 comes with a wireless-subwoofer for deep and clear bass. The slim soundbar slots comfortably under our FY21 Core LED TVs - seamlessly blending in, and maximising the viewer’s experience. With Bluetooth® for easy streaming from smart devices, and HDMI (ARC) for quick connection to TVs. Volume can be adjusted with the TV’s remote control for added convenience.

Sound Performance

Impressive 320W Total Home Cinema Experience

HTB490 produces a powerful sound - unexpected considering its compact form. With two full-range, forward facing, speaker units (4.5 x 12cm) the soundbar alone achieves an impressive 160W output. The wireless-subwoofer brings an extra 160W to play, for a total 320W performance. One that can be heard, and felt.

Bass Reflex Ports for a Richer Cinematic Sound

Two bass reflex ports, integrated adjacent the full-range speakers, emphasise bass tones. This svelte soundbar achieves a rich, dynamic and involving sound.

With HTB490 we’ve achieved the perfect mix of form and function. That is, an elegant slim soundbar with the power to help people feel more involved with films and TV.” Masaaki Suna, General Manager Home AV Group, Panasonic Marketing Europe

Wireless Subwoofer

Incredible bass, to feel like you’re there

HTB490’s subwoofer connects wirelessly via Bluetooth® – so viewers can place it where it best enriches their movie experience. A new small circuit board means there’s more space inside the speaker’s compact body for sound to reverberate and add a truly epic tones – that can literally be felt and transport viewers to the heart of the action.

“Subwoofers don’t need to stand-out to give an outstanding performance. HTB490’s can be tucked away, out of sight – coming into play when the movie soundtrack and effects demand. Adding an extra sensation to the experience.” Masaaki Suna, General Manager Home AV Group, Panasonic Marketing Europe

Smart Connections

Stream Music with Bluetooth®

The Panasonic HTB490 has Bluetooth® built-in, for listening to music from smart devices wirelessly. Track selection and volume control are controlled from the device itself – so it’s easy for anyone to share and hear their tunes in powerful 320W stereo sound.

“In many ways this is like getting two products in one – a neat home cinema soundbar and powerful Bluetooth® speaker. Music always sounds better with 320W behind it – so you hear it all!” Masaaki Suna, General Manager Home AV Group, Panasonic Marketing Europe

Wired for Sound

In addition to wireless Bluetooth® connectivity, Panasonic’s new soundbar comes equipped with HMDI (ARC) – for simple one-cable connection to TVs. An optical input provides another connection choice – while a USB terminal means users can plug-in USB sticks to play compatible music files.

Designed for Life

Works Well with Today’s TVs

The HTB490 soundbar has been designed with the latest TVs in mind. Its colour and form blends-in – enhancing viewing pleasure with sound, without interrupting the view. Its compact dimensions mean it can slot under most TVs*, keeping AV space neat and tidy. *Check dimensions before purchase

“At Panasonic we always have real-life customers in mind. We want our products to improve the home entertainment experience – not clutter surfaces or block screens!” Masaaki Suna, General Manager Home AV Group, Panasonic Marketing Europe

Wall Mountable Design

Panasonic’s new soundbar is designed to wall-mount directly under TVs - without leaving a large gap. Just fix the supplied screws to the wall, hook the HTB490 soundbar in place and connect with a single HDMI cable. Perfect for rooms where clear surfaces are important.

“Our new soundbar’s perfect for people who prefer their TV on a wall. There are no complicated fitting brackets for this model, just 2 screws are needed to fix it to the wall.” Masaaki Suna, General Manager Home AV Group, Panasonic Marketing Europe


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