Take Your Party to the Max with TMAX45: Panasonic Introduces New Party Speaker

  • 1000w total output power (RMS)
  • Transportable design
  • Integrated light show
  • Bluetooth, USB, optical, guitar & mic inputs
  • Easy to use, intuitive design

Wiesbaden, Germany, 15/04/2024

Today, Panasonic announced the new SC-TMAX45 party speaker, designed to be the perfect guest, adding tonnes of atmosphere to parties and easy for everyone to get on with. Squeezed into TMAX45’s transportable body is a sound system that’s capable of up to 1000 watts of total output power (RMS), and a lightshow to match. Like the best guests, TMAX has plenty of connections, and is helpful after parties too.

Massively flexible

Powerful, yet manageable design

At 65cm tall, Panasonic’s new TMAX45 is big enough to pack a punch – but not so big that it will be left in a corner. Thanks to its stylish matt black finished MDF cabinet, trimmed with edge protection and foot pads, TMAX45 is a manageable 12kg – so equally at home in a variety of social settings.

“We designed TMAX45 so that lots of different people can move it – not just a strong friend. Although it’s a ‘party speaker, it’s got plenty of alternative uses around the home and beyond.” Tamas Nagy Manager Marketing Home AV, Panasonic Consumer Europe

Double up for more power

Packed with audio tech, for big sound

Thanks to two powerful bi-wired digital amps, two generous 16cm woofers, two tweeters and two bass reflex ports – everyone will hear when TMAX45 has arrived. It delivers a rich well-rounded sound: comprising full-on bass, crystal clear vocals and soaring high notes – all from a single box.

“By doubling-up key components, we made sure that TMAX45 has the raw power to bring parties to life.” Tamas Nagy Manager Marketing Home AV, Panasonic Consumer Europe

Bright lights, big atmosphere

Multiple lighting options

Caged behind the Panasonic TMAX45’s metal grille is a lightshow waiting to be unleashed. With seven bright colours, eleven patterns and two strobes at the party host’s disposal. Four of the patterns, and the strobes, pulse automatically with the music. And if that’s not enough, the host can select from the remaining multi-colour patterns or single colour variations to add further atmosphere.

Who is the superstar DJ?

Wireless and wired connection

Using Bluetooth®, two compatible smart devices can pair simultaneously with Panasonic TMAX, and seamlessly switch between playlists. Additional music sources can be connected using the aux and optical inputs. Plus, the host and guests can play MP3s via the USB-A socket, which doubles as a charger* – so no one need run out of energy mid-party.

*Using charging cable supplied with devices up to 5v 1A

Live and spontaneous vibes

Guitar and microphone inputs

TMAX45 loves both recorded and live music in equal measure. It brings both guitar and mic jacks to the party, along with echo and easy mixing control. Perfect for taking parties to a higher level, or just chilling with a few friends later.

“It’s great to add flexibility, so we included mic and guitar inputs on TMAX45. Handy for announcements at parties and spontaneous jam sessions too.” Tamas Nagy Manager Marketing Home AV, Panasonic Consumer Europe

Sound and vision, in harmony

Karaoke is only the beginning

Pair TMAX up with a TV, using the supplied optical cable, for more fun. While the smart TV screens karaoke pictures and lyrics, TMAX takes care of everything else – with its mic input, powerful sound, and lightshow. Ideal too for parties that celebrate big music festivals and hotly anticipated singing contests. Panasonic TMAX45 can lie on its side, so it won’t spoil the view.

Get a grip on TMAX

Easy to carry

Today, everyone and everything needs to do more than one thing, Panasonic TMAX45 is no exception. Using its integrated carry handle, it can be moved around the owner’s home, or out to a car to be used wherever there’s mains power. Perfect for dance or exercise classes, gym sessions, you name it – TMAX was made to be handy.

Simple, Intuitive Operation

Something everyone can use

No one wants a party to lose the vibe because the music stops. TMAX has this covered with its intuitive controls and groove to rest smart devices in. It’s goodbye to fiddly little switches and hello to big round controls, plus an LED input screen to confirm the chosen music source.

Need even more than 1000 Watts?

Combine up to 3 TMAX45 units, for 1 massive sound

TMAX45 can be hard-wired to 2 more units of the same model for even bigger parties and events. If an extra TMAX45 is connected, users can allocate one to the left and the other to the right channel, for immense stereo sound. A 3.5 mm stereo mini audio cable, up to 3 metres long, is required to do so.

Call to Action

When and Where to Buy

Panasonic’s new TMAX45 party speaker goes on sale in May 2024. It will be available direct from Panasonic, Amazon, and leading electrical retailers. Guide priced at, €449.

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