eneloop™ Rechargeable Batteries

eneloop™ Rechargeable Batteries

What are eneloop™ batteries?

The only battery you will ever need

eneloop is a rechargeable battery offering a new lifestyle choice to customers. Developed with the concept of sustainability and care for the Earth, eneloop embodies the principles of ‘Recharge’ and ‘Reuse’ for realizing a Clean Energy Society. eneloop™ uses energy from the sun and envisions sustainable Clean Energy Lifestyle by encouraging repeated use. We will continue to offer Clean Energy Solutions so that we can live in harmony with the Earth.

Sustainable Lifestyle

eneloop™ is combining the advantages of a rechargeable battery and a dry-cell battery

eneloop™ is the perfect recyclable, rechargeable battery which can now be charged and discharged even up to 2100 times. Since its launch in November 2005, eneloop™ has revolutionized the consumer-use rechargeable battery segment with its unique features.

eneloop™ is a battery that can be used as easily as a dry-cell battery, and reused simply by recharging it. It combines all advantages of a dry-cell battery and a rechargeable battery while also protecting the environment.

An adult's hand holds an eneloop AA battery in its palm; a child's hand holds an eneloop AAA battery.
A hand holds a charger with four eneloop batteries.

The new eneloop™ is rechargeable up to 2100 times

One of the most important specifications of a rechargeable battery is the cycle life. Cycle life is the number of charge/discharge cycles a battery can withstand without losing its capacity.

The greatest advantage of eneloop™ is that is can be recharged up to 2100 times and recycled afterwards. Not only is this more economical in the long run, it also avoids the waste of 2100 batteries.

On a wooden table, two eneloop batteries rest beside a pair of glasses.

The new eneloop™ has an even lower self-discharge

eneloop™ batteries have a low self-discharge rate and are therefore immediately usable after purchase, just like dry cell batteries. Not only are they ready to use after purchase – they also keep their charge.

In comparison with other high quality rechargeable batteries, eneloop™ retains 70%* of its charge after 10 years of storage and does not require periodic recharging. This means that you can be sure your device is always ready for use. No matter when you charge eneloop™, you can count on eneloop™ supplying the power that you need, even five years later.

* Compared to regular rechargeable batteries with full initial charge. Storage at 50 degrees Celcius ambient temperature.

An eneloop pro battery is being loaded into a camera.

eneloop™ has higher usable capacity than standard batteries

One of the main features of eneloop™ is the higher voltage level. Many applications switch off or show the low battery signal if the voltage is lower than 1.1 Volt. A traditional Ni-MH battery will lose its voltage constantly and runs under this critical level very soon. eneloop™ will keep the voltage level over 1.1 Volt for a long time, and only just before becoming empty will fall under that limit.

That's one of the reasons why you can take more photos with eneloop™.

Three eneloop batteries are being loaded into a flashlight.

eneloop™ is universally usable

From digital cameras to MP3 players to remote controls: eneloop is the ideal universal power supply for almost all of your household devices, even for applications that until now have run on alkaline batteries such as game consoles.

A charger rests on a wooden floorboard next to a battery-powered camping lantern. Two batteries are in the charger, two lay beside it.

High performance even at low temperatures down to –20°C

Keep your tactical flashlights, walkie-talkie radios, battery-powered lanterns, cameras and other devices powered in the winter. eneloop batteries deliver exceptional performance at extreme low temperatures down to –20°C.

An eneloop battery stands on a table beside a free-standing, glowing Panasonic lightbulb.

Charged with clean, renewable solar energy

eneloop™ creates a clean "Energy Loop" by being pre-charged at the Japanese factory with clean, renewable solar energy, which makes eneloop™ even more environmentally friendly. This process is certified twice a year by the Green Energy Certification Center.*

* As certified by The Green Energy Certification Center

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eneloop™ is a long-life, pre-charged, energy and money saving, recyclable rechargeable battery which can be charged and discharged even up to 2100 times.

eneloop pro™

eneloop pro™ batteries are the perfect choice for high energy consuming devices such as photo strobe flash lights, wireless keyboards, mice, game controllers and household devices.