CR1616PA4BL Lithium Coin Batteries, 4-Pcs


Trusted Power for Specialty Devices

Supporting Life & Society.
Long-lasting power in various devices, from keyless-entry fobs to watches.
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Powering Smart Society

All around you, Panasonic Coin Lithium batteries are providing safe power in devices we all depend on. High energy density and high 3 V output voltage support the trend towards device miniaturization. In fact, a single Coin Lithium can sometimes replace two or three conventional coin batteries. Use of organic electrolytes with a solidifying point lower than other battery types makes Coin Lithium ideal for use in wide range of temperatures. Backed by 90 years’ leading technical expertise, Panasonic Coin Lithium has evolved to become one of the world’s trusted micro-battery for safe, long-lasting power in diverse applications, from household electronics to the IoT devices that energize smart society.
Powering Smart Society

Optimized Material Formulation

High Power Energy Core features an optimized material formulation for overwhelmingly long-lasting performance in high-drain applications as well as in low-drain pulse-discharge applications, such as keyless entry devices.
Optimized Material Formulation

The Secret Behind the Structure

Lithium Coin has a unique case design that contributes to its amazing endurance. Dimpled anode surface increase material adhesion, limit a rise in internal resistance, and support stable voltage and efficient discharge for lasting power.
The Secret Behind the Structure

Ultimate Anti-Leak Structure

The tough gasket’s rim is embedded in the case and is sandwiched tightly shut with a custom anode cap and strong adhesive. Anti-Leak Seal keeps you and your devices safe.
Ultimate Anti-Leak Structure

Child-Resistant Packaging

Our tamperproof package is recognized by IEC as the world standard benchmark for child-resistant packaging. These initiatives limit chance of accidental ingestion and are a key part of Panasonic’s comprehensive safety system.
Child-Resistant Packaging


Photo of CR1616PA4BL Lithium Coin Batteries, 4-Pcs

High Voltage

Long Life Power Protection

Anti-Leak Protection

Wide Range of Temperatures

No Mercury Added

Safety Warning

Product Code

  • CR1616

Voltage (V)

  • 3.0

Height (mm)

  • 1.6

Diameter (mm)

  • φ16.0

Weight (g)

  • Approx. 1.0

Shelf Life

  • 8 years

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