Leif Petersen


Leif Petersen

Landscape, Travel, Nature, Close-Up/Macro, Architecture
Photo Tours, Printing

Oshawa, Ontario



Leif is originally from northern Norway’s fabulous Lofoten Islands. His family moved to Canada in 1951 and he had his first trip back to Norway, in 1983. He now returns to Norway regularly, often leading photo tours to the Lofoten islands.

Leif has been involved in photography for over 30 years and his skills have been recognized in regional and national competitions and publications. He is a long standing member of the Oshawa Camera Club and is also a member of the Toronto Focal Forum, a group of avid photographers who print and evaluate their images. Leif is currently the President of the Ontario Council of Camera Clubs (O3C), an umbrella organization that supports camera clubs throughout Ontario.

Leif traveled extensively throughout the world, during his career. That has continued since retiring, but now his travels are primarily for photography. After his 2020 trip to the Antarctic, he has now traveled to all 7 continents. Leif enjoys sharing his photographic knowledge and enjoyment of traveling by offering photo tours to Norway and India, as well as workshops on various aspects of photography including printing. He prints, mats and frames his own images and offers these services to other photographers.

A personal note….

“My passion and inspiration for photography is life itself. Being at a relaxed and satisfied point in my life, I see things around me more clearly, and often differently, than I would without a camera up to my eye. Traveling and photography has given me the opportunity to see, appreciate and capture many beautiful places and wonderful moments in life around the world and enjoy several life-changing experiences. The entire process, from image capture through post processing to printing and preparing my images for exhibit, is fascinating, relaxing and fulfilling.”