Long Beard Styling for the Modern Man

Long Beard Styling for the Modern Man

Long Beard Styling for the Modern Man

How to Create a Stylish Long Beard

Over the past few years, we here at Panasonic have been noticing a trend towards long facial hair. More and more men are choosing to let their beard hair grow, and for good reason. A nice, long beard can be the ultimate style accessory. Facial hair can change the shape of a man’s face and completely alter how he looks in anything from jeans and a t-shirt to a three-piece suit. In short, it allows a man to be a chameleon. The only question you have to ask yourself is which style to choose. Do you want to look more sophisticated, rugged, chic? Whatever the answer, Panasonic has a few suggestions on how to groom and grow your facial hair so you can capture the look you are after!

The thick boxed beard might be one of the most popular beard styles today. Made famous by a bevy of Hollywood actors and athletes, this style conveys a dashing appearance when done right. It looks great with any carefully quiffed hairstyles – think short sides and a long top. This beard style works exceptionally well for men with square and oval face shapes. Its main advantage is its versatility, this beard style looks equally handsome when paired with a buttoned down dress shirt as it does with jeans and a polo.

This classic beard has been in style for as long as men have been wearing facial hair. From bikers to hipsters, when worn correctly, the full beard conjures an image of rugged masculinity. But beware – not only is this style the most rugged, but it is also the most difficult to pull off. No amount of styling will cover up for the fact that this beard requires thick and even growth across the board – a patchy beard simply will not due. The full beard works well on all face shapes. Pair it with medium to long hair and a leather jacket to complete the ultra-masculine look. Or wear it with a slicked back pompadour, a V-neck shirt and skinny jeans to capture the urban hipster style.

Whether you are a working professional, or a man who simply prefers the feel of a little scruff on his chin, this is the beard style for you! It’s easy to grow, a breeze to maintain and it can be very striking when matched with the right face. Men with square faces tend to pull this look off best – as the stubble accentuates strong jawlines. Wear this beard with a chic medium length hair style to get the most out of your new look. It’s great for office workers who want to show off their individual style while still looking professional for meetings, and for young men who want to add a dash of maturity and sophistication to their everyday style.

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