How to Max Out the Merriment in Your Holiday Kitchen

How to Max Out the Merriment in Your Holiday Kitchen

The festive season is all about bringing friends and family together for some good laughs and delicious treats. And though you can’t always count on a snowy season, the one thing you can bet on is that no matter what you do as a party host, your guests will inevitably gather in your kitchen.  

Rather than fight it, the best thing you can do when it comes to entertaining, especially if you have a small space, is create an event that makes the kitchen part of the party. Integrating the kitchen into the flow of your party makes it seem less like a production area and gives you more room to host.

So how do you plan a seamless event at home that is sure to be a success? Follow these easy steps that will make hosting a breeze:

How to Max Out the Merriment in Your Holiday Kitchen

Be prepared:

• Plan your menu and make as much as possible in advance so you aren’t stuck doing heavy duty cooking in the kitchen as guests are arriving.  
• Be sure to de-clutter and clear as much kitchen counter space as possible before the big day.  
• Pull all your serving dishes out in advance so everything is ready to go when it’s party time. 

Set the kitchen up as a social space:

• When getting the house ready for guests, make sure to set up areas in the kitchen for people to sit, nibble and gather ‘round as you do some last-minute prep.  
• Create clear paths to high traffic areas, like the kitchen and living room, so guests naturally flow there. Prop doors open, remove clutter from hallways, etc.  

Place food in strategic locations:

• People will always go where the food is so strategically place nibbles (bowls of chips, cheese plate) where you want people to gather, giving you control of the party flow.  

Set up DIY stations:

• Opt for a DIY bar, either in the kitchen or living room. Make it easy for guests to help themselves to drinks while you balance being a host and catching up with your guests.
• Set out a buffet. Platter food and label everything so people can easily serve themselves (and know what they are taking). Be sure to choose menu items that are tried-and-true, simple to prepare and to serve. You don’t want to be stuck at the stove stirring risotto all night.

With all your planning and preparation, all that’s left for you to do now is enjoy the party too. Happy Holidays from our Panasonic Kitchen family to yours!