How to Win at Family Dinners

How to Win at Family Dinners

How to Win at Family Dinners

If you're like most busy parents, getting dinner on the table is a struggle many have yet to master. Though it can be a challenge to make family dinners happen, most people agree that they strive to share a meal together at the end of the day. 

Family dinners are a powerful tradition in family life, one that seems to have more influence than most. Whether the benefit is for the kids or the parents (or both), there’s an underlying desire in many families to come together and share their day over a home cooked meal. This experience is meaningful and offers a sense of belonging to all, allowing for the exploration of new foods, healthier options, and greater happiness in the process. 

The reality, though, is that most families are busy and don’t always have the time to prepare an extravagant meal. Bringing ease to the kitchen and the table is so important; to keep the tradition of family dinners alive, the key is to simplify the process. This is much easier said than done, so here are some tips and tricks for making family dinners happen even on busy evenings:

Freezer cooking

On those days when you do find the time to cook, take the opportunity to double the recipe (like a hearty chili or beef stew) and simply freeze the other half. Then, on a busier day, pull your already made meal out of the freezer, heat it up in your microwave oven, and save yourself a whole lot of time.

Simplify a complicated meal

Instead of preparing an overly extravagant spread, make a main dish with simple sides. For instance, you could prepare chicken and vegetables in the oven, and then whip out your trusty rice cooker to add an easy and favourite side dish that’s simple to prepare and enjoyable to eat.

Love your multi-cooker

Instead of rushing home from work every night to prepare a meal for your family, get all your cooking done earlier in the day. Plug in your multi cooker at a convenient time, and ensure the meal is hot and ready to go when the family is gathered to eat.

While family dinners are often hard to schedule in, they’re worthwhile and definitely more doable when you’ve got some great tricks up your sleeve to make them easier and stress-free.