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Why Master Chef’s Use Panasonic Cooktops

Fresh fish, rice and vegetables as well as tender beef are typical ingredients in Japanese cuisine. It's unbelievable how much effort is spent on raising Kobe cattle, for example. The animals from the region around Kobe grow up in the open air. They get beer to drink and are massaged to obtain as tender and juicy as possible meat. This effort continues with the preparation in Japanese kitchens. Here chefs do not just work with sharp kitchen knives, but with Hōchō. The expression stands for the special blade shape of the cutting tools. About a dozen different cuts are offered, depending on what is to be cut with the knife. The blades are so sharp that they slide with little force through food.
Precision is another element of Japanese cuisine. Just think of the pufferfish. The fugu in the intestine and liver contains a deadly poison for humans. Only the muscle meat is suitable for consumption. In addition to the right knife, the chefs need a special license to prepare this delicacy. But sushi, the rolls of raw fish, algae leaves and rice, also demand accuracy. The appetizers should not only look appetizing, but should not fall apart when serving.

Kitchen appliances for the demanding chef

Panasonic’s induction cooktops offer everything you need as a serious home chef. A finger wipes the temperature on the induction cooktop series to a tenth of a degree. Infrared sensors check the setting so that each dish succeeds. The hobs automatically adapt to the pot or pan size. Also, only the food when cooking on the induction fields are hot, but not the containers. Even the glass surface of the stove only gets slightly warm, so that children cannot burn themselves. If work space in a kitchen is scarce, the area of the cooker can be used as an additional space during preparation or after cooking. The cooktop fits seamlessly into the worktop. In addition to an induction cooker, the NN-DS58HB is a perfect comb oven for ambitious home cooks. The unit combines the classic microwave oven, with a steamer and a grill. The combination appliance gently heats food with steam and the microwave helps to quickly defrost frozen ingredients.

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