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Foto DJ-kõrvaklapid RP-DH1250E

DJ-kõrvaklapid RP-DH1250E

Features Drive Unit (diam. in mm) 50.0
Impedance (Ohm) / 1 kHz 50.0
Sensitivity (dB / mW) 107.0
Max Input (mW) 3500.0
Frequency Response (Hz - kHz) (en JP) 5-30
Cord Length (m 1.2-3.0/3.9-9.8
In Cord Volume no
Weight (g) without cord 360.0
MiniPlug 3.5mm yes
Plug Adaptor (diam. 6.3mm) yes
Plug Type (en JP) Gold
Magnet Type (en JP) Neodimium
Note The code for iPod and iPhone included: cord length(1.2m/3.9ft.), in-cord volume(Yes), 3.5mm miniplug(Yes, 4pole)