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Panasonic is one of the largest and leading electronic product manufacturers in the world.  The depth and diversity of our research capabilities, manufacturing expertise, high quality and sophisticated products have remained strong since 1918.
Panasonic is an energetic, creative and proactive organization that consistently aims to exceed its customer's expectations, to translate its vision into providing products and solutions based on ideas that will enrich people's lives around the world through innovative thinking.

Did You Know?

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Panasonic Environment Vision 2050

Panasonic will work towards creating a more efficient utilization of energy which will exceed the amount of energy used.

Technology for a more sustainable world

At Panasonic, we believe technology is not just about advancing society, but preserving the world we all live in.

Panasonic CES 2021 Olympic and Paralympic Partnership

Panasonic will make your experience of the Olympics and Paralympics better, by bringing you closer to the passion and celebration of these Olympic Games.

Panasonic Partners with the Michael Phelps Foundation

Panasonic is excited to partner with Michael Phelps to create a team fueled by passion and dedication to help the communities we live in.

Top highlights at CES 2021

The first-ever, all-digital CES 2021 made history as the largest digital tech event. Catch up on Panasonic’s highlights from the world's most influential tech event.

Meet Mr. Matsushita

At Panasonic, our roots are humble, traced back to the beliefs and actions of one man, Konosuke Matsushita.

Panasonic Heating & Cooling

In 2018 Panasonic celebrated its 100 year anniversary plus 60 years of innovative products within the heating and cooling industry.

Panasonic Automotive Head Up Displays

To make driving safer, smarter and more exciting, Panasonic has developed Head Up Display, a technology that  helps the drivers to keep their eyes on the road.

Panasonic’s business technology

Panasonic’s business technology is creating new ways of connecting and collaborating: we apply insight, inspiration and innovation to help customers succeed today.

Panasonic Life Solutions

An introduction to Panasonic Life Solutions company, which is working to achieve the goal of expanding “A Better Life” to home, town and society.

Panasonic Avionics Solutions

At Panasonic, we innovate, design, develop, build and support for one purpose: the success of our customers.