New Panasonic micro systems: smarter features, polished performance

• PMX90, PMX92 and PMX94 micro systems get optical TV input
• Space Tune room optimization on slimline HC410 and HC412 series optimises the sound to the space
• New HC series and PMX series models boast ultra-convenient AUX-IN Auto Play feature

Frankfurt, Germany, 18 February 2019 – Panasonic announces the launch of three new micro systems, the SC-PMX90, SC-PMX92 and SC-PMX94 and two slimline micro systems, the SC-HC410 and SC-HC412.

All five models boast a new AUX-IN Auto Play feature, which makes listening to streamed music via devices such as Chromecast Audio completely effortless – the systems don’t even need to be switched on to start with.

With the addition of an optical input, the Panasonic PMX90, PMX92 and PMX94 micro systems provide a vastly improved listening experience when watching TV.

Space Tune room optimization, originally developed by Panasonic’s acclaimed Hi-Fi brand Technics, adjusts the sonic output according to the spatial positioning of the HC410 and HC412, ensuring the listener always enjoys the best possible sound.

Alluring design matched by Panasonic’s audio mastery ensures that the lifestyle SCH410 and SCH412 sound as spectacular as they look. And cutting-edge features such as Space Tune and AUX-IN Auto Play mean Panasonic remains at the vanguard of contemporary lifestyle audio.

SC-PMX90, SC-PMX92 and SC-PMX94: wide compatibility and a richly rewarding sound

Sources as diverse as Hi-Res Audio, streamed audio and TV are easy to access and supremely enjoyable to listen to
Panasonic pushes the boundaries of contemporary audio with its latest PMX micro systems that make listening to music from a streamed audio device such as Chromecast Audio an absolute cinch. Each system features a new Autoplay function that automatically begins playing music whenever it is detected from the Aux-in terminal. Even if the PMX90, 92 or 94 is turned off, starting to stream music to a device connected to the Aux-in will automatically switch the power on and select the correct input. For even greater control, the Panasonic Music Streaming App lets the listener create playlists or drag-and-drop to change the order of songs playing.

Using Hi-Fi grade components such as alumicroum electrolyte capacitors and metallised polyester film capacitors, Panasonic’s new PMX systems are able to deliver true High-Resolution Audio with a sound that is close to the original recording. A unique audiophile-grade chipset and USB B input ensure that when listening to music from a PC the system’s superior processing handles the DAC (digital-to-analogue conversion) rather than the computer’s inferior soundcard. All the detail and richness found in today’s high-resolution audio formats including DSD, FLAC, WAV and AIFF is reproduced and the listener enjoys the luxury of hearing studio-quality sound.

As well as Bluetooth, FM/DAB+* radio and CD playback, the PMX90, PMX92 and PMX94 have an optical input that can be hooked up to a TV. The powerful 120W system offers sound with much greater resonance and clarity than a TV’s own speakers can produce.

The PMX90, 92 and 94 are powered by the latest-generation of LincsD-amp and have 3-way speakers with silk dome tweeters, piezo tweeters and bamboo charcoal PP woofers that produce a natural, distortion-free sound.

*PMX92 and PMX94  has DAB

SC-HC410 and SC-HC412 – slimline systems with perfectly optimized sound from anywhere in the room

Refined-looking micro Hi-Fi systems feature Space Tune and AUX-IN Auto Play for superb sound quality accessed with the greatest of ease
Combining the best in sleek, contemporary looks with enthusiast-grade performance the SC-HC410 and SC-HC412 feature Panasonic’s proprietary Space Tune function which eliminates restrictions on where the system has to be placed in order to get the best sound. Three pre-set modes are available, each one tailored to a different mounting location: 1. Near a wall; 2. On a wall and 3. Near a corner. Listeners can then tailor the sound to their taste courtesy of built-in sound modes – Clear Surround Mode produces realistic room-filling sound while D. Bass optimises low frequency sounds according to the selected input and delivers powerful, tightly controlled bass.

Both of the new HC series models feature the same Aux-in Autoplay as the new PMX series, providing the ultimate in ease of use when listening to streamed music via devices such as Chromecast Audio.

Like the PMX series, the HC410 and HC412 are powered by the latest-generation of LincsD-amp. An impressive 40W (RMS) is delivered to the 8cm full-range stereo speakers, which are configured in a Twisted Acoustic Port, a unique shape that cleverly ensures the admirably thin models produce clear, resonant sound.

Crafted using pure aluminium with a subtle hairline finish, the front panel of the slimline HC410 and HC412 is complemented by the fabric texture of the speakers. Each system elegantly harmonises with the most contemporary looking interiors.

Nor are they short of features: in addition to the ultra-convenient Aux-in function, the sources include CD, DAB+*, FM, USB and Bluetooth, which makes it a doddle to listen to music wirelessly from a smartphone or tablet. As with the PMX series, installing the Panasonic Music Streaming App lets you create playlists or change the order of songs playing.

* HC412 only

SC-PMX90/92/94 Main Features

High quality sound

• 120W (RMS)
• 3rd-generation LincsD-Amp
• Hi-Res Audio including 24-bit/192kHz FLAC, AIFF, WAV and
DSD 2.8MHz
• USB A and USB B with DAC
• Screw type speaker terminals compatible with heavy duty speaker cable
• 14cm Bamboo Charcoal PP Woofer
• 1.9cm Silk Dome Tweeter
• 1.5cm Piezo Tweeter

High quality connectivity and design features

• Optical input compatible with TVs
• AUX-IN Auto Play (3.5mm  stereo mini)
• Audio-in (RCA stereo phonos)
• Panasonic Music Streaming App
• CD, FM, DAB, DAB+*, Bluetooth
• Aluminium front panel and volume knob
• Detachable speaker grilles

*PMX92 and PMX94

SC-HC410/412 Main Features

High quality sound

• 40W (RMS)
• 3rd-generation LincsD-Amp
• 8cm full-range speaker x 2
• Twisted acoustic port x 2
• D. Bass
• Space Tune
• Bluetooth Re-Master

High quality connectivity and design features

• AUX-IN Auto Play (3.5mm stereo mini’)
• Panasonic Music Streaming App
• CD, FM, DAB, DAB+*, Bluetooth, USB
• Black or silver
• Wall-Mountable
• Aluminium hair-line panel
• Fabric Mesh

* HC412

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