Targeting ITS by Panasonic,
consist of Person, Automotive and Transportation.

Panasonic Group are involved in a broad range of ITS (Intelligent Transportation System) businesses ranging from automotive terminals to transport infrastructure and smart towns.
Panasonic Group have been contributing to diffuse ITS not only from automotive appliance like car navigation system and ETC OBU(On Board Unit) but also to infrastructure like ETC gate and RSU(Road Side Unit).

By enhancing the value driven by ITS together with customer, Panasonic will create Next generation at ITS.
Panasonic's initiatives include technology development such as wireless and imaging technologies to prevent traffic accidents and realize a self-driving society, as well as services and solutions aimed at achieving more comfortable and sustainable mobility.

Panasonic Virtual Exhibition 2020

Panasonic is working for a better motorized society Toward Better Mobility. Through the cooperation between vehicles and infrastructure, Panasonic has been contributing to areas such as Mobility Made Easy, Vision Zero, Sustainable and Efficient vehicles.

With engineering that makes roads and vehicles work together in Cooperation, the power of Road Vehicle Cooperation Technology creates a Better World with Better Mobility, which will ensure the safety of both pedestrians and vehicles alike.

Achieving driverless Automated Valet Parking without dedicated expensive sensors(SAE Level 4 in limited areas)

Available monitoring road surface conditions for 5 modes (Dry, Damp, Wet, Snow & Ice) from 10m height. Compact size (80 x 160 x 100mm) and it output a state of road surface for external systems.

V2X/I2X technologies developed in Japan are applied to enforce road safety in Taiwan based on cooperation with localized sensing technologies using radars and/or cameras