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Panasonic is one of the largest and leading electronic product manufacturers in the world.  The depth and diversity of our research capabilities, manufacturing expertise, high quality and sophisticated products have remained strong since 1918.
Panasonic is an energetic, creative and proactive organization that consistently aims to exceed its customer's expectations, to translate its vision into providing products and solutions based on ideas that will enrich people's lives around the world through innovative thinking.

Did You Know?

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New IoT, Connectivity & Smart City projects!

Connected cities come to life. And street lighting is the key. Panasonic presents the new IoT & Smart City projects at IFA 2018.

The Off-Grid Solution Project

Panasonic celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2018.
We got back our corporate philosophy of contributing to society through business and are starting the new project as the first step forward to next initiative.

Olympic Games by Numbers

Learn more about the largest sports event in the world, the Olympic Games, through fun animation & numbers presented as easy-to-enjoy infographics.

CES 2019, highlights

Panasonic has celebrated another successful year at CES 2019, releasing a whole host of exciting new products at the Las Vegas show.

Meet Mr. Matsushita

At Panasonic, our roots are humble, traced back to the beliefs and actions of one man, Konosuke Matsushita.

Wonder Life-Box

“Wonder Life-Box” presents you with an advance glimpse of a better life in the years from 2020 through 2030 conceived by Panasonic.

Living Space Autonomous Cabin

Panasonic presents its vision for a future, autonomous cabin interior in the context of shared vehicles.

Panasonic Heating & Cooling

In 2018 Panasonic celebrated its 100 year anniversary plus 60 years of innovative products within the heating and cooling industry.

Panasonic Business - Freedom. It’s in our DNA.

Panasonic Business. Freedom. It’s in our DNA. Our being. With Panasonic behind you, you can be confident and free. To focus on what you do best.

Panasonic Energy

Panasonic Energy Europe is the European headquarter for consumer batteries and responsible for marketing, sales and distribution of consumer batteries for the whole of Europe.

Panasonic Avionics Solutions

At Panasonic, we innovate, design, develop, build and support for one purpose: the success of our customers.