ASPIRE 2016 Vol. 01 Mix and Match

Jersey Top with Frilled Sleeves/ White

Ankle-length Pants (Wide stripe)/White

“Add accents with a stole and bag.”
Adding a blue stole and yellow bag to an all-white outfit brings a fashionable touch to a basically rough style. And ankle-length pants make your legs look longer.

One-piece dress
Crisp Cotton Sleeveless Dress/ Dark grey

“Navy blue is just right for business use.”
This collared, sleeveless dress gives you a great working appearance. Draping a white cardigan across your shoulders adds a relaxed look, and keeps you warm in air conditioned places.

Soft Jersey Jacket/ Off-white

Bordered Top

Tencel® Utility Jogger Pants/ True Black

“Smart jacket coordination for a neat impression.”
A monotone coordinate looks cool, and its soft material goes well with jogger pants.

* Some items used in this article are available only in limited areas. Some items are owned by the model.

Caring for your favorite clothes ...

Tips for Proper
Clothing Care

Here are some tips to help your
favorite clothes last longer.

Yuka’s Advice

Brush your clothes,
when you come home

Put your clothes on a hanger and gently remove dust with a natural hair brush. Brushing refreshes the fibers and smoothes the fabric. It also helps to prevent damage to the fabric.

To remove stubborn stains,
pre-wash your clothes with a washboard

Remove stains on collars and cuffs with a washboard before washing the clothes by hand or in a washing machine. You can easily remove stains by rubbing the clothes against the ridged surface of a washboard.

Prepare fashionable
and functional
clothing-care tools

Why don't you go and look for your favorite prewash brush, hand-wash detergent, antibacterial, deodorant, anti-crease sprays, and dryer balls?

Easy Care for Your Favorite Clothes!
Maximum Washing Convenience

Wash even delicate items at home

Dry cleaners use solvents to remove stains, but this doesn't work for sweat stains. The washing machine's "Dry (Delicates) programmed course" washes with a gentle flow of water to prevent excessive force. This also cleans sweat stains for delicate things, like linen jackets. It reduces the cost and labor of dry cleaning. Be sure to put decorated items into a net bag.

Stylish, User-Friendly Design

Stylish, User-Friendly Design
The stylish, square door is easy to open, easy to load.

Tackle sweat stains with
"hot water + foam"

Even if stains aren't visible on the surface of your clothes, sweat sticks to collars and sleeves. If these stains remain, they can lead to yellowing. They should be thoroughly washed.

Water temperatures of 40ºC or more work together with detergents to dissolve stains. The detergent must also be completely dissolved to permeate the laundry. Recent washing machines heat the water to provide a "Soak washing in hot water" course. This prevents yellowing. You get beautiful stain-removing effects.

"Auto wash & dry" is great
for the rainy season

When you can't hang the laundry out to dry, it just keeps piling up. This is stressful. Hanging the laundry up indoors can fill the room with odors. This is when a drying function comes in handy. When you've spilled something on your clothes, or when sweat remains on them, immediate washing will make you feel fresh and clean.

Once you've started it, the washing machine handles everything from washing to drying. When it's finished, your laundry will be clean and fluffy. There's no need to hang up wet, heavy clothes to dry. This gives you more time to do more enjoyable things.

Enjoy a Clean, Fluffy Finish Everytime

Only 34 Min.* for Superb Washing

Active Foam System** enables super fast washing while keeping optimum wash performance. It helps you to relax and enjoy your own time more on busy days.

*With a 10kg full load, Cotton Course, Cold Setting.
**The level of foaming depends on conditions such as load size, degree of soiling, detergent type, and water pressure. However, there is no change in washing performance.