Lumix GH5 - Go Higher

Pioneers who go to extremes for discovering new heights with GH5:

Polar explorer
Yasunaga Ogita

Records of solo unaided treks to the South Pole



Daniel Berehulak

Mysteries of Indian “Kushti” wrestling unveiled

Wolong Panda Club
The mysterious and miraculous birth of a baby panda

Volcano photographer
Bryan Lowry

Up close and personal - red hot lava flows

Innovations & Technologies on LUMIX GH5

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Polar explorer:
Yasunaga Ogita

What does an untouched world - seemingly unchanged for a thousand years - look like?

Daniel Berehulak

Who exactly are these men who dedicate their lives to Indian "Kushti" wrestling?

Wolong Panda Club
Did they really capture an extremely rare Panda birth?

​​Volcano photographer:
Bryan Lowry

What’s it like when mother Earth reveals her most vibrant moments?