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SignEdge CMS Software

Why Panasonic SignEdge for Retail?

• Panasonic SignEdge is a cloud-based digital signage system that lets you take control of your digital screens, creatives, interactive content and kiosks anytime and from anywhere.

• Panasonic SignEdge is scalable and you can scale the no. of displays anytime without any hassle.

• All your content stores in cloud environment in encrypted form, from where you can manage and publish your content.

• The SignEdge platform allow you to automate the content delivery.

• Bring in the social media experience in your store by displaying Facebook, Twitter and customer endorsements.

• Introduce innovative and interactive marketing campaigns like End of Season Sale, digital coupons etc.

• Empower your business with advanced digital signage features.

Benefits of SignEdge in Retail-

  • Brand Awareness
    Create awareness about new products by showing appealing promotion videos to the customers. Keep them up-to-date with trends by informing them to follow the brand on social media.
  • Effective communication
    Communicate to your customers with effective Call to actions. Educate them with rich media contents. Encourage them to share live images by posting them on social media.
  • Create Loyal Customers
    Turn store visitors into Loyal customers by creating an awesome in-store shopping experience. Show customized content and make them engaged.
  • Influence Customers / Buyer’s Purchase Decision
    Make an impact on your customer’s last-minute purchase decision by showing relevant offers and discounts. Increase credibility and trust among the visitors.
  • Close more sales
    Run multiple promotions to encourage your customers to purchase more. Target customers with contextual advertising, whether it’s an annual sale or special offer season. Boost sales with Upselling and cross selling high value products by giving special offers

Why Panasonic SignEdge for Corporate Communication?

• Panasonic SignEdge is a cloud-based digital signage system that lets you take control of your digital screens, creatives, and kiosks anytime and anywhere.

• All your content will be safely stored in a cloud environment from where you can manage and publish your content.

• Display helpful information using digital signage — including announcements, events and updates

• Promote employee communication across departments and teams

Benefits of SignEdge in Corporate Communication –

  • Single Platform for Internal Communications
    Manage publishing your visual content, whether it’s in the lobby, meeting room, hallway, conference room, reception or cafeteria with corporate digital signage. Communications can be related to welcoming a guest, leadership messages, HR communication, compliance, announcements or emergency notifications. This can also be used to display the latest trends in technology, current news, weather, sports and social media trends.
  • Corporate Announcements & collaboration
    Panasonic SignEgde can be a great medium to inform employees about events, workshops, new product launch, leadership goals, revenue & sales outcome, new customer acquisition and other internal communication. Collaboration is key to internal communication within an organization.
  • Employee Motivation
    Boost morale of employees by wishing birthday, rewards, recognitions, contributions and other achievements. It is a best way to introduce a new joinee and bidding adieu to outgoing employees.
  • Internal Branding
    Showcase the activities performed under corporate social responsibility by your organization. Display messages reinforcing the company's values, ethics & morale. Create awareness among employees about welfare schemes.
  • Lifesaver in Emergency Situations
    Digital signage can play a very important role in communicating safety and security norms. During emergency situations, digital signage screens can be a lifesaver - signage screens can display emergency alerts, safety precautions, do’s and don’ts and safe exit directions.
  • Increased Workplace Safety
    Make sure your workplace is safe by creating a safety and secure environment. Announce emergency instructions & information to update the safety precautions to your employees. Establish a clear informational structure for showing safety measures and directions to the workforce and provide the ultimate level of protection.
  • Social Media Engagement
    Now every organization have their social media handles, which are keenly followed and managed. Organizations also encourages their employees to contribute towards social media content generation. Displaying social media contents on the digital screens across the premises keeps employees well informed on the latest updates and helps in consistent messaging within employees and external world.

Why Panasonic SignEdge for Healthcare?

Introducing technology including hospital digital signage solutions, tablets and touch screen kiosks can reduce operational costs while at the same time improving efficiency, quality of care and patient experience. SignEdge’s platform is intuitive to operate and update while digital displays ensure accurate information is being conveyed to patients and employees at all times reinforcing patient confidence in their healthcare choice. Employees can then focus on other tasks when patients receive information from hospital digital signage, self-service and wayfinding kiosks.

  • Branding & Promotions-Promote medical services, facilities, specialty, faculty, membership plans across all healthcare units. Advertise upcoming events, newly introduced procedures, offers to create awareness and market
  • Digital Information Boards- Share important information and procedures regarding patient registration, financial assistance, privacy of patient's medical records, medical camps, health check up drives.
  • Employee Internal Communication-Share important information such as staff scheduling, doctor availability, meetings, conferences, events etc. Alert and coordinate with doctors and staff members through digital signage displays during critical emergency situations. Make sure the staff stick to the hospital work guidelines, security procedures and new treatments.
  • Enhance patient experience- Digital signage also contributes towards the ambience of the infrastructure. Pleasant visuals can have a very soothing effect on the visitors and patients. Displays serving entertainment contents in waiting areas can also boost visitor’s experience.
  • Waiting Room Entertainment-Reduce the anxiety, nervousness and boredom faced by the patients & visitors. Make them relaxed while they are waiting for their scheduled appointments and reports. Inform the estimated wait time along while showing entertaining contents.
  • Provide Health & Wellness Tips-Create awareness among patients and visitors by educating them about the serious health issues, preventive measures, critical medical conditions and treatments. Share educational content such as wellness tips and medical advice to keep your patients healthier.

Why Panasonic SignEdge for Hospitality?

Panasonic SignEdge is cloud-based restaurant menu software that allows you to control your restaurant digital signage whenever and from wherever you need.

• The digital menu board software has integrated design tools that allow you to quickly create, edit and update attractive contents for your restaurant and fast food digital menu boards.

• The content scheduling feature of the restaurant menu software saves you from the hassle of manually refreshing your digital menu board contents for every meal hour, festive season, happy hour, special occasion, etc.

• You can manage and publish contents in real-time.

• The software also allows you to manage and publish your contents in real-time.

• You can also bring social media to your digital content. It is the best way to engage your visitors. You can think of providing offers and discounts via social media. Panasonic SignEdge helps you display Facebook, Twitter.

• Panasonic SignEdge offers innovative and interactive marketing campaigns that will help you attract visitors. You can offer digital coupons that they can use at your store.

Benefits of SignEdge-

  • Cost-Effective Menu Board Creation: In traditional menu boards, you have to rely on the designer to create a new design and then on the printer to get it on the boards. With a digital restaurant menu, you can simply cut the cost and design your own digital menu boards. You can change it according to your preference at any time.
  • Multiple Marketing Campaigns: Digital signage for restaurants can run different types of marketing campaigns effortlessly. You can display your marketing messages, enlist your discount offers and highlight the best deals of the day.
  • Upsell Your Business: menu boards fast food restaurants, when integrated with the POS, can help in upselling your restaurant business. This will not only drive more visitors but also increase the sales graph. You can also display your food in an appealing way to sell the item. Many popular food chains are already using digital signage for this purpose.
  • Reduce the Wait Time: You would agree to the fact that waiting time to receive the order can be boring. You can make the waiting time entertaining by including interesting facts about their particular order, trivia or other intriguing elements. This will keep the customers engaged till they receive their orders.
  • Better Order Management: Digital restaurant menus get an upper hand over printed menu cards, as the former can be made more dynamic with appetizing images and videos of the food. This improves the order management and customer's experience.

Why Panasonic SignEdge for Education?

Panasonic SignEdge is cloud-based digital signage software that allows you to control your Notice board digitally whenever and from wherever you need. Control messaging centrally while allowing individuals, departments and organizations to easily contribute from their own devices gives students and faculty the ability to easily create school-branded messaging using ready-made templates. Make sure your student body is informed and up-to-date by instantly refreshing schedule changes, public transportation news, special activities, alerts and results on digital signage for schools. Even entertain your audience with live news feeds, weather reports and sports updates.

  • Campus wide Announcements -Reach all staffs and students inside the campus through digital signage displays system. It can be utilized for daily announcements, news, sports updates and other important announcements such as exam dates, holidays, security & safety norms, administrative notices, school results etc.
  • Digital Information Boards- Digital signage can work as digital notice board within educational institutes. This can be used very innovatively for showcasing student’s creative work, in-house innovation, student and faculty speaks, Principal/HOD’s desk, appreciations, school news capsule, quotations, quiz, educational contents etc.
  • Show Upcoming Events-Make everyone aware about the upcoming events like workshops, sports event, annual day function, Job fair, book fair, exhibition, fests, festival celebration etc.
  • Digital Menu Boards-Provide food menu options and daily food specials on the cafeteria, dining halls, canteens etc. Show health benefits and nutritional information for better and healthy lifestyle..
  • Emergency Messaging System-Create safe and secure environment by alerting everyone on campus about natural disasters, extreme weather conditions, institution opening and closing dates, rescheduled events and other emergency information on digital signage systems. Provide safety guides, emergency instructions and do’s and don’ts all over the campus in real time.
  • Publish Achievements-Tell stories educate the visitors about achievements, awards and historical information of the institution. Enables motivation by publishing academic achievements of the institution, students and staffs.

Why Panasonic SignEdge for Banking & Finance?

SignEdge has the tools and expertise to help retail banking locations reinvent their brand communications by seamlessly delivering these in-branch experiences and reinforcing the institution as a trusted financial advisor. Our digital engagement technology for finance has been proven to enhance the customer experience, driving brand relevance and product awareness, while changing behaviour and delivering ROI. We provide the platform for retail bankers to easily create and centrally manage deployment of these digital experiences, while retaining the flexibility to rapidly adapt to local business conditions and audience preferences in real-time.

  • Promotions Products & Services
  • Increase product and service sales by upselling and cross selling financial products/services such as Insurance, loans and other featured products and valued added services.
  • Publish Advertisement Campaigns
  • Create awareness about new products and schemes to influence captive audience by showing eye catching visual advertisements.
  • Update Information In Real Time
  • Keep the employees and customers updated by displaying real-time information such as bank interest rates, currency exchange rates, gold price, stock and share market information.
  • Show Mandatory Informations
  • Keep everyone updated by publishing mandatory governments notifications on the digital signage displays. Save time by publishing required KYC documents.
  • Consistent Communications
  • Strategically deploy digital signage screens to increase engagement of employees by reinforcing company values, showcasing top performers, announcing events etc.
  • Educate Employees
  • Constantly educate employees and make sure they stick with the company work guidelines, security procedures and other critical information.

Why Panasonic SignEdge for DOOH?

The SignEdge platform guarantees reliable, timely delivery of curated content to outdoor digital signage to enhance outdoor advertising for any project. Digital out of home (DOOH) signage and content acceleration deliver dynamically changing rich-media content to any outdoor screen based on environmental triggers in real time. Businesses can heighten the way audiences engage with their brand by implementing a SignEdgeble, smart solution prompted to adapt based on environmental factors. With SignEdge, you can easily display engaging high-definition information, products, brand messages and more.

Benefits of DOOH Digital Signage

  • Public Information Updates
  • Inform the public about the news, weather and promote upcoming events, conferences, sports, meetups instantly.
  • Large-Scale Entertainment
  • Engage people and fans while they are in the stadium, concert, amusement park, cinema theatre etc. Show right message at the right place at the right time to the target audience.
  • Storefront Promotion
  • Capture the attention of the people who are near the store with attractive visual ads. Drive more foot traffic to the retail store with special sales and promotions. Advertise daily promotions, special clearance sale and multiple marketing campaigns that generate revenue to the store business.
  • Stand out from competition
  • Reach out to potential customers with tailored content while they pass by. Get rid of competition by making your ad promotion more compelling.
  • Better Audience Targeting
  • Run targeted hyperlocal advertisements campaigns at the specific places to drive more revenue. Promote brands, advertise products and services with contextual content.
  • Real-Time Information
  • Keep travellers / commuters / passengers well informed with arrival, departure and schedule changes instantly in real time along with advertisement content.
  • Maximize Visibility
  • Boost the visibility to more viewers by having the digital signage on strategic locations. Promote outstanding visuals to attract more viewers.

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