Picture-Making Philosophy

Capturing it all

Capture life’s complex tapestry, the flow of time, history in the making, and even the tension and feel of something in the air.


LUMIX Picture-making Philosophy

Simply put, the LUMIX picture-making philosophy can be expressed by the phrase, “Capturing It All.” Photos are merely still images on flat surfaces, but LUMIX aims to capture life’s complex tapestry and the flow of time so that viewers can feel them. A photo that expresses life’s vitality conveys the subject’s vibrancy, enabling the viewers to almost see its motion and almost hear its breath. A photo that expresses the flow of time lets the viewers envision the change of seasons and the subject’s history.

Picture-Making Philosophy

Rendering the Subject’s Essence

How can a photo express life’s complex tapestry and the flow of time?
LUMIX concluded that the answer was to “render the subject’s essence” in each recorded image.

Expressing the moistly glittering eyes and soft skin of the woman...
Expressing the depth of the sky and the strength of nature in the scenery...
Expressing the freshness and vitality of the flowers in full blossom...
Expressing the luster of the body of the brand-new car...

The camera cannot express the feeling or emotion of the photographer on his or her behalf.
That’s because individuals are unique.
However, LUMIX believes it is possible to render the subject’s essence in an image.
The LUMIX picture-making philosophy, “Capturing It All,” symbolizes the capability to render life’s vitality and beauty in images.

Why does LUMIX have a picture-making philosophy?

We promise that all our products released in the future will be developed and manufactured based on this philosophy.
Just imagine what would happen if the picture-making concept varied from model to model due to variations of the design series of full-frame camerasFull Frame or Micro Four Thirds camerasMFTs.
Would you have confidence in the image quality of camera products if the manufacturer’s picture-making concept changed in a new product you purchased to replace the old one?
The LUMIX picture-making philosophy remains unchanged in all generations and grades of products, and LUMIX picture-making quality continues evolving based on this philosophy.
LUMIX believes its uncompromising and consistent commitment to image quality builds the trust of customers and provides a sense of assurance to them.


Picture-making quality bolstered by Panasonic’s digital technology

Picture-Making Philosophy

LUMIX is armed with the technologies necessary for realizing its picture-making philosophy.
The digital camera has superseded the silver halide film camera over time, and camera manufacturers took over the responsibility for picture-making from film makers.
What’s more, the field of essential technologies has shifted from “chemistry” to “digital.”

Suffice it to say, Panasonic has been a leading manufacturer of audio and video products, and the company’s strength lies in digital technology.
Panasonic’s digital technology working in the background enables LUMIX to realize the picture-making philosophy, “Capturing It All.”