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IFA 2016 - I Berliner Philharmoniker e Panasonic collaboreranno per sviluppare una tecnologia che sia in grado di riprodurre la qualità audio di una sala da concerti (eng)

Bringing optimum live experience to the home and in-car environment with 4K/HDR and Hi-Res technologies

The Berliner Philharmoniker (BPH) and Panasonic today announced that they will collaborate to develop the audio-visual technologies enhancing 4K/HDR video and Hi-Res audio platforms. Through this agreement, both parties will explore opportunities to bring a premium and authentic live concert hall experience to the home and in-car environment. Details of the collaboration will be discussed between both parties.

Panasonic will support the Berliner Philharmoniker’s internet video platform, the Digital Concert Hall (DCH), through upgrading to the optimum and highest 4K/HDR video and Hi-Res audio recording technology, to improve the reproduction and streaming of BPH’s live performances.

BPH has already embraced and explored cutting edge technology for audio-visual recordings of its concert performances. Therefore, it is a logical step to upgrade the DCH technology to the next generation of 4K/HDR video in combination with Hi-Res audio recording and distribution. Starting in 2017, Panasonic will provide the latest 4K technology for the DCH video studio to the Berlin Philharmonie.

Furthermore, BPH will collaborate with Technics, the high-end audio brand of Panasonic. Not only will BPH and Technics engage strongly in enhancing digital formats and audio streaming - undoubtedly the future of music distribution - but both parties will also keep up the tradition of high-quality authentic analogue recordings by collaborating on recording technology projects.

Exclusive high quality services such as the DCH will become increasingly relevant for the in-car environment, not only in terms of audio quality, but also for visual content. BPH and Panasonic will explore the possibilities of turning the in-car listening space into an optimum concert hall experience.

By sharing the spirit of keeping tradition and driving innovation at the same time, both parties will contribute to evolve visual and audio culture through recreating the live music experience of BPH’s performances that have long been attracting audiences and devotees worldwide.

Olaf Maninger, Principal Cellist, Member of the BPH Media Board and Managing Director of Berlin Phil Media GmbH: „With the integration of a new 4K Video-Studio we will accomplish another technological milestone in our media activities. Panasonic will help us to achieve this vision with its excellent recording technology. Together we look to the future and will bring our music to our fans all over the world in the best possible quality.”

Michiko Ogawa, Executive Officer of Panasonic Corporation: “Technics and the Berliner Philharmoniker share a common philosophy and the spirit of rediscovery: Just like the orchestra always revitalises and reinterprets old masterpieces, Technics developed the analogue turntable that shares the values of the high resolution digital era. We are convinced that the cooperation with the Berliner Philharmoniker will inspire us to create new values.”

About Berliner Philharmoniker
Founded in 1882, the Berliner Philharmoniker has been among the world’s most eminent orchestras for a long time. Its legendary chief conductors include Wilhelm Furtwängler, Herbert von Karajan and Claudio Abbado. In September 2002, Sir Simon Rattle assumed the post. On his inauguration, the orchestra’s education programme, addressing new audiences, was initiated and generously supported by Deutsche Bank. To learn more about the Berliner Philharmoniker:

About Digital Concert Hall
The Berliner Philharmoniker’s “Digital Concert Hall” is the orchestra‘s internet video platform with approximately 400 concert recordings and more than 1,000 works available in the online archive. Over 50 new productions are planned for the 2016/2017 season, which will be broadcast live throughout the world. There are also broadcasts and recordings of projects from the education programme, a film section with documentaries about the Berliner Philharmoniker and more than 250 interviews with artists. To learn more about the Digital Concert Hall:

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