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Panasonic presenta ‘A Better Life, A Better World’ a IFA 2016 (eng)

Panasonic will exhibit its latest products and technologies in Hall 5.2 a/b at IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung) 2016, one of the biggest trade shows for consumer electronics and home appliances in the world, in Berlin, Germany, from 2 to 7 September 2016.

Under the theme of "A Better Life, A Better World" the Panasonic booth will present a living environment featuring the lifestyles we all desire including Panasonic's wide range of products, from audio-visual equipment to home appliances and beauty appliances.

Dedicated reports from the Panasonic press conference and product highlights at the Panasonic booth will be featured online at A winning game complements the exciting experience and will bring the Panasonic booth at IFA 2016 to people around the world. The video reports by Panasonic experts provide in-depth product information to consumer electronics fans. Join the conversation on social using the #panasonicIFA hashtag.


Main Exhibits in the Panasonic Booth at IFA 2016

Better Living Tomorrow: Future lifestyle with connected appliances

Panasonic has created a multipurpose living environment that can be used differently based on individual needs. The kitchen, living and dining space has been integrated using advanced connected appliances so that families and friends can enjoy time together and individuals can spend time on their own terms. Panasonic presents a fulfilling life that can be achieved in the next three to five years by sharing space with family and friends as an example of the lifestyles we all desire.

Multipurpose space to share experiences

This corner will feature a simple, interactive, and harmonious living environment in a manner that reflects personal preferences in daily life. The spatial environment can be changed depending on personal behaviour to ensure comfort and to produce unexpected excitement anywhere.

• Invisible Library, Glass Curtain
Centered on creating an integrated room for the whole family, transparent displays which present images only when necessary have been built into the cupboard doors, meaning they constitute as part of the interior when unused.

 • Lighting and audio-visual equipment
To enhance the atmosphere of any family activities, the lighting and sound effectively changes in response to personal activities.

Equipment and services that reflect personal preferences and increase satisfaction

This corner will feature a living environment that enables access to appropriate information and offers support on various occasions in daily life. Now the smarter cooking experience will help everyone enjoy meals and conversation.

• Sake and wine cellar
Planning a dinner party is now easier than ever with the new sake and wine cellar. It features a transparent display fitted as the door, which presents different information from the types of liquor stored, to recipes that match the particular “sake” chosen. The liquors are also stored at their optimal temperature and humidity, making them the ideal addition to a meal.

• Range hood equipped with a camera
To ensure professional-level cooking at home, Panasonic’s range hoods are designed to measure cooking conditions. The range hood ensures the temperature of induction hobs are properly controlled, using a camera to monitor the progress of cooking.

• New concept built-in cooker
Allowing more time for family, and less time spent on cooking meals, Panasonic’s new cooker presents a cooking experience that keeps freshly cooked dishes hot and tasty until the end of a meal. Based on an entirely different concept from that of induction hobs and griddles, the operation is simple — put ingredients on a dish and set it on the cooker, and it will heat only the ingredients.

• Cloud services
For the keen chefs of the household, cloud services are designed to present new and exciting recipes to enhance the joy of cooking different dishes. The cloud facilitates communication between the range hood and other connected cooking equipment, which helps control the temperature, and allows multiple dishes to be completed simultaneously.

• All in One Laundry     
Everyone wants more free time to spend with their loved ones, and a system to help improve the efficiency of housework, and the “All in One Laundry” system does just that. Time-consuming tasks ranging from washing, drying, folding and storing are now automated, based on image analysis and robotics technologies, cutting the time of mundane daily tasks.  

• Home controller
Peace of mind is invaluable, that is why the home controller is designed to control all home appliances, including lighting. Connected via the cloud through a home server, it detects the remaining amount of ingredients in the refrigerator, encourages the user to place orders, and provides other useful information.

Smart Home
At IFA, Panasonic will display the latest Smart Home technology that makes homes more comfortable, safe and secure – giving consumers greater piece of mind. Visitors will be able to experience first-hand a wide range of connected products and services, including sensors, cameras and control and devices, for people's daily lives.

A pantomime group interacting with a moderator will bring Panasonic’s Smart Home technology and services to life. At the booth, these will be built into a miniature house, presenting visitors with an overview of how multiple Smart Home products work together to help users keep an eye on all the important things in their lives, such as:
    • A glass break sensor detects glass break frequency and sends an alarm, for example if an intruder breaks a window to gain access to the house.
    • A water leak sensor detects even a small amount of water and sends an alarm, alerting residents early in case of broken pipes or flooding bath tubs.
    • A motion sensor detects movement and sends an alarm or triggers other devices, such as switching on the lights, for example if the ITTT (If This Then That) rule doesn’t detect movement of elderly people after a specific time.
    • A variety of indoor, outdoor and perimeter cameras help monitor home and garden, keeping sleeping babies safe and an eye on the dog playing outside.
    • A smart plug which allows users to switch their home’s electrical devices on and off remotely from their smartphone.
    • An indoor, wall-mounted access keypad to easily arm and disarm the Smart Home, even without having to activate the smartphone app.
    • A keychain remote, with which users can arm or disarm the system at the touch of a single button when they come home or leave the house.

Digital imaging

The digital imaging area presents Panasonic’s latest photo and video cameras of which nearly all can record in 4K – from its compact Lumix cameras series to the mirrorless, interchangeable lens Lumix G-series. All ensure quality videoing for every special time you want to record. In the photo and video shooting area, everyone can try out the 4K Photo Technology and Post Focus Function.
The 4K Photo feature allows you to capture the perfect moment and extract an 8-megapixel still with exact precision, and the Post Focus Function gives users creative freedom allowing them to bring an area of the image into pin-sharp focus with one touch, after it’s taken.

TV and Home AV

Lifestyle showcase: True to the filmmakers vision
Families deserve the best quality TV experience, with pictures shown as intended by the directors, all of which Panasonic present with a premium 4K home theatre solution based on the combination of an Ultra HD Premium TV and a Blu-ray Player. This is made possible only by Panasonic, which offers both professional filmmaking equipment and home-use products.

• 4K TV
The DX900 series (HDR-compatible 4K TV) line-up will be on display which introduces high quality image from the 4K Pro HDR and Art & Interior technology. The technology zone will exhibit OLED and other technologies that are driving picture quality and have achieved Reference Class Reviews for Panasonic TVs.

• Ultra HD Blu-ray™ Player
Delivering the best picture and sound performance for the 4K HDR age, the high-end ULTRA HD Premium certified DMP-UB900 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player™, with its expanding eco-system will be on show.

Together with the DX900 4K LED LCD TV, both products represent a comprehensive group of next generation technologies for consumers who want to enjoy the very best quality 4K HDR content with the best equipment.

A major subject of the audio area this year is “wireless audio”. Perfect for parties and home entertainment, a new audio serious will be on display for the first time at IFA.

• Headphones
Also on show will be Panasonic’s Wing RP-BTS50 and RP-BTS30 headphone models. Both easily connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth, and are the ideal companion for sports and travel while enjoying high quality sound.

• ALL Series WIFI speakers
Rounding up the audio corner with the Panasonic ALL Series WIFI speakers with AllPlay which allow music to be played simultaneously on several devices in the house. The flat-design SC-ALL7CD achieves both high sound quality and compactness with Hi-Res compatibility, and the SC-ALL05, the first waterproof product in the series with a built-in battery will feature alongside.

Lifestyle Showcase: Look good to feel great
Personal care for three categories including ladies beauty, men's grooming, and oral care will be presented in a special space this year at IFA.

• Ladies beauty
Inspired by the daily, highly-precise skincare rituals of Japanese women, Panasonic will showcase tailored new premium beauty care products that enable a simpler and more satisfying beauty and cleansing routine. The “touch and try” demonstrations will include the EH-SA31 steamer. #SnSnap (an SNS photo printing service) will also be on display.

• Men's grooming
Male visitors can experience “touch and try” demonstrations of the 5-blade ES-LV9N shaver that features Japanese blade tech sensor technology allowing for a gentle and close shave. Also available for demonstrations are the ER-GB80 beard and moustache trimmers that feature 40 settings for personalised trim length, as well as the ER-GC71 hair trimmer with 38 length settings to achieve that perfect trim.

• Oral care
Visitors can also experience “touch and try” demonstrations of the EW1411 rechargeable oral irrigator which features a 4-mode water jet for an effective clean and gum care. Also on display is the expansion of the EW-D electric toothbrush range, featuring extra fine bristles to scrape out debris.


This corner will show demonstrations with a 10kg large capacity model equipped with Auto Care function, which employs four sensors to detect laundry weight, materials, and soils as well as water temperature, and automatically achieves optimal washing settings. Alongside this, an exhibition area will introduce the history of washing machines using miniature models, and a video that explains Panasonic’s reliable quality.

Small Kitchen Appliances

Lifestyle Showcase: Experience Fresh
Focusing attention on the quality of its products, and how they can improve health and wellbeing through the Japanese inspired ‘Experience Fresh’ philosophy; Panasonic’s 2016 range is designed to cater for proven growing consumer trends.
A food specialist will be invited for cooking demonstrations using Panasonic’s kitchen appliances (microwave oven, bread maker, slow juicer, high-power blender, food processor) and ingredients will be kept fresh in a Panasonic refrigerator. Recipes for dishes that can be cooked using Panasonic’s kitchen appliances will also be introduced.

Products on Display

• Kitchen appliances
Visitors will learn how to eat their way to a healthy lifestyle using fresh ingredients that can be easily prepared, all by the displayed NN-DS596 microwave oven, the SD-ZB2512 bread maker, the MJ-L500 slow juicer, the MX-ZX100 high-power blender (to be released in September 2016), and the MK-F800 food processor.

• Refrigerators
Panasonic’s refrigerators on display showcase a commitment to food freshness. The technology featured creates the optimal environment for storing vegetables, including a partial freezing temperature control (−3°C) and storage technology which keeps meat and fish fresh for an extended period of time. In terms of design, the extensive line-up includes the Premium Flat Door bottom freezers and high-end Side-by-Side fridges, with a flexible interior to enhance user friendless.

Built-in Kitchen Appliances

Visitors will experience cooking demonstrations of Japanese cuisine by an instructor from the TSUJI Culinary Institute (a famous Japanese cooking school) as well as demonstrations by German chef, Klaus Breinig. Panasonic’s innovative induction hobs featuring cooking functions with accurate temperature control will be introduced through cooking demonstrations for deep fried and grilled dishes. The food will be available for tasting.

Products on Display

• Induction hobs
This corner will feature the Genius sensor, Panasonic's original light thermal sensor technology that detects infrared energy from the bottom of the pot to ensure accurate temperature control. Also on display will be a prototype of the KY-T937VF (to be launched in March 2017).

• Built-in kitchen equipment
Built-in kitchen equipment that is on sale in Germany including steam microwave ovens, dishwasher, warming drawer, and refrigerators will be on display. Demonstrations will be conducted to show the capabilities of the HL-SX485 steam microwave oven which is equipped with inverter controls and steamer functions.

Technics: An iconic brand expands

Technics offers not only state of the art technology that fascinates audio lovers by its precision, but a line-up of next generation high-resolution audio components and music systems that have been designed to deliver a premium user experience for the true audiophile and music fan.

• Full product line-up
This all will be introduced by the exhibited full product line-up. Visitors will also be able to try out the Technics headphones. On the content side, Technics TRACKS, the high resolution download service complements the offering.

• Listening room
In a special sound demo room visitors can experience the direct drive turntable system that has been developed to redefine the direct drive mechanism. The manufacturing process, underpinned by craftsmanship, combines tradition with advanced technologies, with each part carefully manufactured, all of which symbolises what the turntable stands for.

• Digital invention
On the digital side, with its reference class R1, Technics brought a milestone of Japanese art of audio invention to the market, showcased by the premium-class C700 hi-fi range with its lifestyle OTTAVA wireless music system which ensure to deliver uncompromising sound quality to the user.

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