Chairman's Message

I am Hiroki Mitsumata, the Chairman of Panasonic Research Institute.
Global geopolitics have seen a radical transformation in recent times, centered on the confrontation between the US and China for technological superiority. Beyond the existing framework of trade policy and export control, the quest for economic security, including new elements such as supply chain decoupling and preventing the outflow of advanced technologies, is spreading rapidly.
At the same time, a new era has arrived in which we shift to sustainable economies and societies while simultaneously embarking on digital transformation. Understanding how to reform business structures in line with these changes is the key to future corporate activities.
As the think tank of the Panasonic Group, Panasonic Research Institute will conduct survey research and information service activities focused on these changes while staying close to the needs of our clients.
Leveraging networks with public entities and research centers, we will aim to obtain and provide new intelligence.

Mitsumata Hiroki

Photo Chairman : Mitsumata Hiroki