Message from the Chairman

写真:理事長 三又 裕生

Mitsumata Hiroki, Chairman

We aim to provide new intelligence amid an age in upheaval

In recent years, the geopolitical structure of the world has been changing drastically, especially due to friction between the U.S. and China. Globalization, which proceeded since the end of the Cold War in pursuit of efficiency and greater markets, is grinding to a halt. A bipolarization or multipolarization of the world economic system is growing apparent. Countries are taking steps beyond conventional trade policy and export controls to increase their economic security, limiting access to advanced technology and disrupting supply chains. The February 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine and the Western nations’ response is serving to strengthen this global trend.

At the same time, a great demand has appeared for corporate management that can bring about a sustainable society by addressing the environmental aspects of business, such as decarbonization and transitioning to a circular economy. Digital technology is also revolutionizing everything at a blistering pace, and the COVID-19 pandemic which has run riot since 2020 has helped to accelerate this trend. As green transformation (GX) and digital transformation (DX) can both have tremendous impact on risks and opportunities, they deserve to be cornerstones of business activity going forward.

You could say that our world in the midst of a paradigm shift driven by these three reciprocally influential factors—geopolitical change, the pursuit of sustainability, and digitalization.

Through its products and services, Panasonic Group aims to realize an ideal society offering material and spiritual affluence. To do this, it is more important than ever to develop strategies and make decisions with a clear perspective on the nature and reality of the paradigm shift that is taking place. As Panasonic Group’s think tank, Panasonic Research Institute is committed to gathering, analyzing, and providing information with a focus on this change in circumstances while addressing customers’ needs. Making use of our network encompassing public organizations and specialized research institutions, we will strive to gather and provide new intelligence.