Product Safety Recall

SANYO Convection Grill Microwave Oven – EM-C8787B

Check the model number:

The model number of your product is shown below. Before checking the product's model number, make sure you have detached the power cord from the AC outlet.

Product photo and display position of model number and serial number

Hazard / Defect:
A user of this product may receive a severe electric shock when operating the small buttons located on the microwave control panel whilst another part of their body is in contact with an earth (such as a kitchen sink).
This is due to some of the printed circuit boards within the internal control panel having electrical contact with the small buttons on the external control panel.

When sold:
This product was available for sale nationally between July 2010 and the first half of January 2012 in Target stores.

What to do:
Sanyo Oceania has ceased trading. Consumers should immediately stop using this model microwave oven and dispose of it safely.

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