Important Recall Notice for SANYO Microwave Ovens

(EM-C8787B UK2 and EM-C8787W)

Dear Customers,

Reference Microwave Ovens: EM-C8787B UK2 and EM-C8787W

SANYO Sales & Marketing Europe GmbH regrets to announce the discovery of a possible defect in the microwave oven models listed above. The models in question were manufactured from February 2010 and sold in the Ireland from March 2010 until January 2012. If you are using either of these models, please stop using it immediately, unplug the power cord.

Product photo and display position of model number and serial number

How to Check The Model / Serial Number
You can locate your microwave oven's model number and serial number on a label found on the back of the microwave. Please check the model number and serial number of your SANYO microwave.

Possible Defect
For any microwave oven that matches the model number and serial number on the list there is the potential of electricity leakage which may potentially cause a severe electric shock.

Resolution Method
If your model number and serial number match those on the list, please stop using your microwave immediately, unplug the power cord and please dispose of it safely.

Affected Models
Only SANYO microwaves with the model numbers EM-C8787B UK2 and EM-C8787W are affected. No other SANYO microwaves are affected If you own a SANYO microwave that does not match these model numbers, no further action is required.

Serial Number List

1002UKM00617A to 01128A

1004UKM00001A to 00512A

1004UKM01129A to 01640A

1008UKM00001A to 01024A

1008UKM01641A to 02152A

1011UKM00001A to 00257A

1011UKM05771A to 06537A

1012UKM00001A to 01024A

1104AUM01241A to 01752A

1105UKM00617A to 01640A

1107UKM00001A to 01024A

1109UKM00001A to 00512A