Personal Refrigerator 7.4 cu.ft NR-A7413ES

Personal Refrigerator 7.4 cu.ft NR-A7413ES


• Gross Capacity 7.4 cu.ft
• Manual Defrost System
• Adjustable Leg
• LED Lamp
• Flat tension Curve Design - Grip Type Handle
• Adjustable Slide-out storage shelves
• Chiller compartment with Cover
• Pocket Type Deodorizer
• Color: Silver Matte Finish PCM (Embossed Type)




Manual Defrost System

Highest EEF rating Refrigerators

Panasonic is the highest EEF Rating Refrigerator in the industry!
High Energy Efficiency Factor means more SAVINGS on your ELECTRIC BILLS!, With the rising cost of electricity. it&s a good first step in keeping your electricity within your reach!

Pocket Type Deodorizer

This deodorizer neutralizes odor and kills bacteria inside the refrigerator.

Flat Tension Curve Design-Grip Type Handle

Adjustable Slide-Out Storage Shelves


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