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Inverter Type

Inverter Type

Highly efficient inverter operation provides superior energy savings. And all models are 1-fan types for easier installation.

  • Inverter
  • R410A
Inverter Type

Key features

• High Efficiency Energy Performance
• Flexible Installation
• Space Saving Outdoor Unit
• Easy Installation
• Refrigerant Chargeless Up to 30m








1Ø Phase

Tick Rating

4-Way Cassette





Ceiling Exposed



Outdoor Unit







Space Saving Outdoor Unit

Panasonic outdoor units are designed to be compact enough to fit into any layout. Flexibility in piping allows more freedom in installation for reduced installation costs.

Space Saving Outdoor Unit

Easy Installation Without Additional Refrigerant Charge Up to 30m

Piping can be extended up to 30 m without additional gas charging, and up to 50 m with additional gas charging. Providing more flexibility in positioning the outdoor unit, this gives you a wider range of installation options. No additional gas charging is needed up to 30 m. Installation is easy.

*For 4-Way Cassette, Ceiling Exposed

Easy Installation Without Additional Refrigerant Charge Up to 30m

High Energy-Efficiency Performance

The performance of our previous models is now achieved by smaller outdoor unit. The coefficient of performance has been greatly improved to reduce power consumption.

*4-Way Cassette 18k Btu model

High Energy-Efficiency Performance

Precise Temperature Control with Inverter

The inverter reduces energy consumption by varying the compressor rotation speed to maintain the set temperature.

Temperature Control NON-INVERTER


Non-inverter air conditioners can only operate at a constant speed, which may be more powerful than is necessary to maintain the set temperature. This results in wider temperature fluctuations leading to wasteful consumption of energy.

Remark: Energy is wasted by switching the compressor ON and OFF to maintain the set temperature.

Precise Temperature Control INVERTER


Panasonic inverter air conditioners vary the compressor’s rotation speed, providing a precise method of maintaining the set temperature for exceptional energy-saving performance.

Remark: Saves energy by varying the rotation speed of the compressor to maintain the set temperature.

High Durability Outdoor Unit

Corrosion-resistance treated for high resistance to rust and salty air to assure long-lasting performance. All Panasonic heat exchangers feature our Blue Fin technology, which offers enhanced corrosion resistance compared to non-Blue Fin models.

*Blue Fin Condenser

High Durability Outdoor Unit, Blue Fin Condenser

All Inverter Models Use Reliable Panasonic Compressors

Panasonic manufactures all compressors in-house for its inverter models supplied to the world. The cumulative total of high-quality compressors produced is 580 million units. If they were lined up end-to-end they would stretch to a distance three times the circumference of the globe.*

All Inverter Models Use Reliable Panasonic Compressors

Why Panasonic

Air Conditioning Expertise

Since the introduction of our first window type air conditioner in 1958, Panasonic Air Conditioning has grown to become a globally recognised and celebrated brand, delivering unmatched quality and reliability.

Total Air Solutions

With over 300 products, Panasonic has a product or solution for every application. From residential applications to large scale commercial, we endeavour to provide fully customisable total air solutions for any and all applications.

Quality & Reliability

Panasonic air conditioners are manufactured to ensure years of reliable comfort. With a 5-year warranty encompassing both residential and commercial applications, you can rest easy with Panasonic.


Panasonic provides control solutions to satisfy all residential and commercial needs. Our range of controllers demonstrate flexibility in application, providing you with a comprehensive solution to any system need.

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