Condominium. A space that creates a sense of relaxation in harmony with nature. Gentle airflows make the precious time with the family you care about, more special and enjoyable.

Condominium. A space that creates a sense of relaxation in harmony with nature. Gentle airflows make the precious time with the family you care about, more special and enjoyable.

Do You Ever Wonder About
the Quality of Air Around You?

Image showing that on average, we spend about 14 hours at home every day, and that we spend the most time in the bedroom—about 8 hours.
Image showing how when many people gather in a living room, CO₂ and humidity can increase, causing significant discomfort.
Image showing how viruses and dust are found in high volume near the floor and how since children are shorter, they are physically closer and thus more susceptible to these hazards.
Image showing how when children study in their room, the CO₂ concentration can rise, negatively impacting their ability to concentrate.

Our Solution for Condominiums

Image of a room map as an example showing living area, dining area, kitchen, washrooms, and bedrooms of a condominium as seen from above, showing possible locations of 9 different air quality management devices, 8 of them revealing product details when you click on them.

Note: Models may vary by country or region. Ventilation solutions are currently not available in Singapore. Please drop us an enquiry on recommended partner brands.

Feel secure knowing that your children can explore safely

Image of a baby crawling in a room, where PM10 and dust can negatively impact health and wellness.

The area 30cm above the floor is where babies are active much of the time. It’ s also where PM10 and dust tend to be found. An air purifier is a good way to collect those harmful substances low to the floor, with nanoeTM purifying the air. Furthermore, airborne PM2.5 can be collected and removed by the air conditioner.

Inhibit allergens that can lead to asthma attacks

Image showing how allergens can hide deep in clothing fibers.

Fabrics can conceal a wide range of allergens, such as mite faeces and remains, and pollen from outdoors. nanoeTM X penetrates deep into cloth fibres to inhibit allergens reducing the severity of respiratory ailments such as allergies and asthma. nanoeTM X also helps provide a healthy breathing environment for children and other sensitive people.

Keep your living space fresh and free of mould

Image showing how it’s easy for mold to thrive in bathrooms.

High-temperature, high-humidity air from the kitchen after cooking or the washroom after a shower tends to migrate into the living room or bedrooms, where it can cause the growth of mould over time. Creating airflows in these rooms allows nanoeTM X to inhibit the growth of mould .

Reduce cooking and garbage odours

Image of a mother and her child having a meal together.

nanoeTM X Technology breaks down odour-causing substances, eliminating unwanted cooking and garbage odours coming from the kitchen. Since nanoeTM X particles are wrapped in water, it is easy for them to travel far and wide, minimising odours wherever they go. As a result, you enjoy fresher, more relaxed time together as a family in the living room.

Note: Results may vary based on usage, and seasonal and environmental variables (temperature and humidity). nanoeTM and nanoeTM X inhibit activity or growth of viruses, but do not prevent infection. Deodorisation effect varies according to the environment (temperature and humidity),
operation time, odour, and fabric types. It does not remove toxic substances in cigarettes (carbon monoxide, etc.). Odours that are continuously generated (e.g., building material odours and pet odors) are not completely removed. All images shown are for illustration purpose only. 

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