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The right hair dryer should leave your hair soft and silky, without a supersonic price tag. Panasonic hair dryers are designed to dry your hair fast while keeping it malleable and pliable, so you can shape it into your desired style easily. What’s more, selected Panasonic blow dryers contain unique nanoeTM technology to moisturize your hair and scalp, keeping them healthy. For those who are frequent travellers, or just want to avoid the tangle of cords, cordless and portable hair dryers are also available.

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  • ? Contains 1,000 times the moisture compared to regular ions, and penetrates the hair to deliver moisture deep into the hair shaft.
  • ? Ions coat the surface of each hair, reducing static electricity and leaving the hair smooth and shiny.


  • ? Ideal for styling and drying permed or naturally curly hair, and for adding lift from the roots.


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