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Multi-Door Refrigerator

With a Panasonic multi door fridge, poultry and seafood kept in the Prime Fresh freezing compartment stay fresh for approximately 1 Week* without freezing. What’s more, every fridge is fitted with ECONAVI sensors and Inverter compressors. ECONAVI sensor detects the use conditions, and Inverter compressor keeps the compartment at the desired temperature. This optimises the amount of energy used by your Inverter fridge, helping to conserve energy. The classy designs of our 4 and 6 door fridges also complement many kitchen styles to give it a sleek and modern look.

Nett Capacity

Energy Saving

  • ? Optimizes cooling performance for energy savings
  • ? Sensors detect usage conditions and automatically optimize cooling performance for better energy savings
  • ? Reduces heat transmission from outside and maintains fridge internal temperature, resulting in less energy consumption


  • ? Rapid freezing with -32°C cold air blast that preserves the freshness and flavour of food
  • ? Surounding airflow cools each item evenly
  • ? Keeps food fresh with -3°C soft freezing


  • ? Deactivates mould and bacteria inside the refrigerator and reduces odour
  • ? Deactivates bacteria afloat inside the refrigerator.


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