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CARE+ Edition: Care for your wellbeing

Care for Your Wellbeing

Care for Your Wellbeing

At Panasonic, we believe that keeping your everyday wear clean and hygienic contributes to better wellbeing. Panasonic's CARE+ Edition is designed with technologies that care for you and your family while simplifying your everyday laundry.

Clothing Care for Better Living

We believe that having clean and comfortable clothes is essential for better living. This inspires us to develop technologies that provide proper care and upkeep to extend your clothes' lifespan significantly while keeping them hygienic so that you can focus on what's important.

Gentle Dry Prevents Shrinkage

Dries clothes at a relatively low temperature while protecting them from shrinking so that you can keep or wear them for a long time.

Just Enough Drying, Just in Time

Save hang-drying time when you need your clothes in a hurry. Hybrid Dry Lite technology can assist in drying a small laundry load whenever you need it.

Safe & Hygienic for Better Peace of Mind

Keeping the closest items around you and your children clean is important as it allows them to have a happy and
healthy development in the house.

Smartly Decides for You

With Panasonic's latest technology, laundry days have never been easier. Saves time, energy, water, and washing
performance as AI Smart Wash smartly determines the suitable wash for you. It is so easy that anyone in the family can do it.

Simple & Flexible Wash Anytime, Anywhere

Simple & Flexible Wash Anytime, Anywhere

Remotely control your CARE+ Edition wherever you are and easily run your preferred wash with personalised profiles with just a few taps. You can also troubleshoot your CARE+ Edition washers when you encounter any problem.

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Friendly to the Environment & Your Clothes

Friendly to the Environment & Your Clothes

Our technologies contribute to a friendlier and more sustainable laundry routine by reducing the disposal of worn-out clothes due to washing and drying while smartly saving energy, water and washing time.

Designed for Everyday Living

CARE+ Edition is designed to make your life easier and stand out with the perfect balance of functionality
and spatial harmony that provides limitless inspiration for our overall wellness.

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