Sharing the Passion

“Promoting World Peace Through Sport”

In accord with this philosophy of the Olympic Games, Panasonic has, since the Calgary 1988 Olympic Winter Games, supported the tournament over a quarter of a century as the highest ranking sponsor in “The Olympic Partner (TOP)” program. In addition, in 2014, we became the first Japanese company to sign the highest sponsorship contract for the Paralympic Games. “Sharing the Passion” is our motto to share the inspiration engendered by the Olympic Games with people all over the world and unite the hearts of all who love the sport. Panasonic, with our state-of-the-art technology and solutions, will continue to “share the passion” with the world.

Worldwide Olympic Partner About the Olympic Games

A global festival of sports
held once every four years in summer and winter.

The Olympic Games find its origin 2,300 years ago in the ancient Olympic Games, a competition of art and athleticism held in Olympia to celebrate the gods. In 1896, the French educator Pierre de Coubertin helped revive this festival, reinstating the first Olympic Games of the modern era in Greece. The modern Olympic Games is held once every four years, and aims for human development and world peace through sports.

About the Olympic Games

Panasonic and the Olympic Games

Worldwide Paralympic Partner About the Paralympic Games

Known as the "Parallel Games to the Olympics,"
The Paralympic Games is an elite multi-sport competition open to athletes with a range of disabilities.

The origin of the Paralympic Games lies in an archery tournament for 16 wheelchair athletes held in conjunction with the London 1948 Olympic Games. This competition developed into an international multi-sport event for disabled athletes with the highest athletic ability. Since Albertville 1992, the Paralympic Games have taken place in the same year, cities, and venues as the Olympic Games.

 About the Paralympic Games

Panasonic and the Paralympic Games

The History of Olympic and Paralympic Partnership

The History of Olympic Partnership

We look back on our long history as an Olympic sponsor
and background of our sponsorship of the Paralympic Games
along with the history of the competition.

Panasonic is an Official Worldwide Partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games. What was the road like that led us here? Here, we introduce the significance and history behind Panasonic's support of the two Games.

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