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Technical feature

Concrete panels used for quick construction, insulation, soundproofing, and security

An airtight house can be constructed by using the Wall Pre-cast Concrete(W-PC) construction method that utilizes sturdy concrete panels. You can live free from the worry of roof leaks. In addition, this method of construction provides quality sound insulation to keep out any noise coming from your neighbors, as well as tough walls for extra security. Another benefit is that by using this method we can construct houses very quickly.

Prevent leaks using advanced Japanese construction techniques. Protect your home against storms.

Fierce tropical storms put your home at risk not only to leakages, but to humidity as well. Humidity can decrease the durability and comfort of your home. By using waterproof materials in every nook and cranny of the building, you can keep your home safe from roof and wall leaks. In addition, thanks to quality Japanese construction techniques, you can block rain from entering around sliding window frames, ensuring that your home is always protected from rain. This design takes the durability of the entire building into consideration.

The comfort provided by good temperature control keeps your family healthy.

Your home is a place where you want to wind down after a long day by enjoying time with your family in cool comfort. For both young children and the elderly, comfort can be maintained through optimal temperature control. It is vital to create an environment where everyone can get a good night’s sleep. A highly insulated and airtight house makes air-conditioning more effective. A house where the rooms are always at just the right temperature is good for both your family and your budget.

Heat Insulation

By completely insulating the house with heat insulation material, air-conditioning cools down the house in much shorter time, nights are cooler for pleasant sleep.
With energy-saving air-conditioner, energy consumption is further reduced. 

The effect of heat insulation results in lowering the temperature by 3°C.

Panasonic Wall Precast Concrete System Wall (WPC)
Insulation efficiency 

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